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9 Ironies That Can Only Exist In India



9 Ironies That Can Only Exist In India
  1. Politician divide us , terrorist unite us.

We live in a country where politician only divide us in terms of caste and religion and we fight with each other because of such issues. And on the other hand, if a terrorist attack occurs we all come together and proudly do a candle march.

  1. In India, we have to look both ways before crossing the one-way road.

Yes its shocking but true, in India if you want to cross the one-way road you have to look both ways because anyone can come in your way to showcase his talent because there is no rules and regulation in India.

  1. It’s okay to piss in public but It’s not okay to kiss in public.

Yes you have heard it right in India doing open defecation in public area like bus stand, near the tree and sometimes on some walls is acceptable because people say its natural activity but doing kiss in public place is a crime.

  1. It’s dangerous to talk to a stranger but it’s perfectly okay to marry one.

The most important lesson given by our India parents says that do not talk to a stranger because they are unknown and can harm you but on the other hand same parents tell them to marry someone who is totally stranger to them.

  1. Abuse in English and people think you are so cool abuse in Hindi and people think you are uncouth.

Yes, Indian mentality says that if you abuse someone in English you will look cool and smart but by mistake, if you abuse in Hindi then people will tell you how uncouth you are.

  1. People who fight over the Gita and Quran have probably never read either Book.

It’s so true that most of the people who fight over Gita and Quran have never ever read either book they fight because of our politicians.

  1. In India where we say like “Ladki ghar ki laxmi hai” and “ladki baap ka bhoj hoti hai” co-exist.

Yes, we are talking about an issue which is so common to us but all of us do only one thing we just ignore the deep meaning behind the line and repeatedly keep saying this.

  1. We treat the girl as goddess Durga and on the other hand, we brutally kill and rape them.

One of the biggest ironies of India describes this thing that at the time of girl’s birth we usually say like “Ghar maa durga paida hui hai” and on the other hand some girls are being raped and killed brutally and everyone just closes their eyes.

  1. Politician raped a girl is not a big news for us but a Bollywood celebrity is in jail for killing black bucks is a huge debated topic.

Welcome to India where our media definitely ignore the news that a politician raped a girl but in any cost will show the live telecast about the Bollywood celebrity who is in jail for killing endangered spices black bucks.

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