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How to Choose Vintage Fashion for Different Body Types?



How to Choose Vintage Fashion for Different Body Types?

Vintage fashion is all about bringing back the classic styles and trends from previous decades. However, finding the right vintage piece that you love and that fits your body type can be challenging. Each body type has unique characteristics to consider when buying vintage clothing. While it is overwhelming, this blog has got you covered. Regardless of your body type, you will find tips to choose vintage fashion that will fit you perfectly. The fits will flatter your figure to make you feel confident and stylish. 

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Choosing the classy vintage fashion of your preferences from the 1940s and 1950s can be expensive because the style is worthy. However, you may use Diesel Promo Codes to purchase from the most beautiful vintage collection without breaking the bank. Now let’s dive into the world of vintage fashion and discover how to choose the right vintage clothing for your body type.

Choose Vintage Fashion Considering These Body Types  

Here are the common body types for which you are purchasing vintage. Know your body type and follow the tips to make the best choice. 


Hourglass is one of the most desirable body types, with a small waist and voluptuous hips and bust. A cinched waist will display a stunning, hourglass-shaped physique. So if you have this body type, 1950s-style dresses with broad skirts to emphasize hips and a range of neckline designs to complement your bust should be your go-to retro clothing. Additionally, don’t forget to wear the belt with your attire to guarantee that your shaped waist is perfectly displayed.

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If you want to travel more in the past, hourglass-shaped women can consider 1930s bias-cut clothing, where the fabric is cut against the grain so the dress glides effortlessly over curves. Moreover, add essential pieces to your collection, such as pencil skirts and capri pants, to emphasize your waist while showcasing your gorgeous legs for the best appearance.

Pear Shape 

The stylish A-line dress from the 1960s is ideal for pear-shaped women since it highlights the upper body while showing a reduced size of the broader lower part. Pear shapes must be cautious about balancing out their form because they have bigger hips and backsides. Bootcut jeans from the 1970s are ideal for embracing your curves while helping balance your hips and body. Another style to consider is a wider skirt with attributes that enhance your bust and perfectly complement your curves. Additionally, it will aid in balancing your body to create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Moreover, with your pear body, you can add a stunning necklace to any outfit to accentuate the neckline and detract attention from the hips.


If you fall into the category of Straight shape, it may get complicated for you to choose vintage fashion because you have to go back to the 1920s. However, with some staple items in mind, you can effortlessly achieve the vintage look for your straight body. Get your hands on the boyish silhouette of baggy dresses with drop waists and long cardigans, which all flatter this body type. You may also consider wearing a dress from the 1960s that fits better to show off your legs. Additionally, boxy tops that draw attention to your shoulders and fitting and straight-cut two-piece outfits with belts to create the best waist appearance are other key items to try for straight body types.

Inverted Triangle 

You most likely have an inverted triangle body shape if your upper body is relatively larger and tapers to a thin bottom. Style from the 1930s, the silhouette of the 1940s and 1980s, and circle skirts from the 1950s would all look fantastic on this body type. Don’t go for the wide and low necklines to balance out your bust. Boat necklines, V-necklines, and plunging necklines are examples of such styles that will make your figure look out of proportion. So, for the greatest and most elegant appearance of vintage clothing in your inverted triangle body, consider these styles and pair them with high-knee boots.  


One of the most common body shapes, the rectangle, which has proportional hips and a body and a boyish, slim physique, makes it easy to choose vintage fashion. Women with a rectangle body type can pull off practically any style and look great. However, to be particular with vintage clothing, the 1920s is the iconic era for your rectangle-shaped physique with cap sleeves, beaded patterns, and drop waists, all of which would look great on you. To complete your rectangle shape, add a Mod-style shift dress from the 1960s. When shopping for clothes for this body type, use vivid colours and bold patterns to highlight your form.

Apple Shape

A larger bust, broad shoulders, and a wide torso characterize the apple body type. Add volume to your clothing for this body type to detract from a bigger midsection. To add curves to your top half, try structural coats and jackets. The 1950s full-circle skirts offer firmness to your hips, making them ideal for Apple body types. 

Short A-line dresses or V-necks are two options to consider if you want to highlight your bigger breast. Additionally, wrap dresses from the past are ideal for apple forms since they define your midsection. If you want to avoid dresses with a built-in waistline that emphasizes your midsection more, you can also think about Empire Line dresses, which will glide beyond your waist.

Wrap UP!

Vintage fashion is a unique way to express your style while paying homage to the fashion of previous decades. When buying vintage clothing, it’s essential to consider your body type to find the perfect piece. With these tips, you can choose vintage fashion that accentuates your body’s unique features. So, start exploring the world of vintage fashion to find the piece that makes you feel beautiful and stylish.

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