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Is the Processed food is Healthier than the Real Food?



rocessed food is healthier than the real food

Have you ever cross check about the food that you are picking up for your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Eating delicious food is pleasant for our tongue (taste buds) but not every yummy food or processed food we consume is not good for our health. Most of the time this processed food can cause a serious health issue. It can be dangerous for your healthy body and brain too.

Processed food is Healthier than the Real Food?

1. Cereal

Let’s be honest, in your childhood and adulthood what was your favorite food? ‘Cereal’ right as it known for being healthy which is being pushed on us as a part nutritionally balance breakfast and is the only way to go day your day. Is nothing more than a marketing plan. In most cases though, these cereals are load with refined carbohydrates and sugar. Even if the label assures you that it is fat-free and whole grain. Go through the list of the ingredient before buying the product. You will see the is full of sugar. Breakfast cereal contains typically tine tiny amount of whole grain.

2. Fruit Juices

Don’t consume the packed or Tetra Pak’s fruit juices. Despite what you heard about them the abundance of vitamins, health benefits and soon on but the truth it bit different. Processed Juices after being squeezed from different fruits is kept in a huge vacuum like container before being packed and by that time the juices lost all its natural flavor. That why manufacture has ended up add artificial flavor and sugar to make it taste fruity again. Packed juice being contained some real fruit but most of their content water, sugar, and artificial flavoring. Even if you see the labels like ‘Not from Concentrate’ or ‘100% Pure’. However, Don’t let is food fool you.

3. Sugar-Free Candy

These candies seem like a perfect option for those you have a sweet tooth or what to cut down on their sugar intake. But are sugar- free sweets really as great as they are presented to us? Think about it! The thing is if a candy doesn’t contain sugar then it will contain artificial
sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and Saccharine. These substances are highly chemical processed and can cause side effects.

4. Ice- Cream

In past years, ice cream was made up of egg yolk, cream, sweeteners (organic) and pure vanilla extract as a natural flavor. It was indeed one of the healthiest desserts you can find. But unfortunately today’s ice- cream is a completely different product.

Instead of pure milk or cream manufacture use cheaper high generated fats such as palm oil or coconut oil. On their own, these oils are pretty healthy but after getting heated to convert into cream they only become ‘Transfats’. These trans- fats cause high cholesterol, stroke, Heart disease and even cancer. Ice- creams are also loaded with sugar and artificial flavor and add preservatives.

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