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Lagos – 10 places to go and things to do



The Next Big Destination in Africa

Lagos is the largest city of the beautiful country of Nigeria. Known as one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the world, it has a lot to offer to everyone. This city is blessed with some amazing beach resorts, significant landmarks, art display, cuisines and other amazing things to do. In the adjoining regions of this city, you can also find some of the best savannahs, rivers, rainforests, and natural reserves that are known all over Africa.

Lagos: the next big destination in Africa

This city on the Gulf of Guinea is always flourishing with tourists for all the good reasons. People are traveling there for its amazing beaches, vivid culture, colorful nightlife, historical landmarks, restaurants and other amazing places to see and things to do. This city enjoys an amazing position on the African coast, and its importance is recognized all over the world. It has flourished as a mega metropolitan city in Africa in no time at all. With everything mega that is in this city, other things also follow that promotes tourism. For this reason, we recommend you all to add it to your bucket list and visit it as soon as possible.

How to go there?

Reaching Lagos is no difficult task as the city’s growth has attracted many travelers. With so much potential, many airlines have scheduled daily flights to this city and finding one is no difficult task. You can always book with the renowned travel agency Dream World Travel for cheap flights and finding your perfect accommodation in Lagos. They have the best travel packages for their customers, and we want you to get the maximum profit from them. So book your flights now and enjoy visiting Lagos.

10 places to go and things to do in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and vivid cities in not just in Nigeria, but also in Africa. For this reason, we highly recommend you to visit it. Read this article and know more about this city, and all the other things surrounding it. There is something for everyone in this wonderful place, and not everyone will leave it disappointed. So read on and find what you can do in this enchanted city.

Lagos Island

Lagos Island is located near mainland Lagos. It is a bustling and developing island and is connected with Lagos with many bridges. Actually, this island is basically a lagoon. Due to its beauty and location, it is perfect for development and people love to visit it due to its vividness.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is a scenic place in Lagos. People who are visiting this city can always visit Victoria Island for fun and refreshing themselves from their hectic lives. It is an affluent area, and also a very busy business and financial center of Lagos. There are different pubs and restaurants for you to try, so visiting it is a must for everyone.

Nigerian national museum

Nigerian national museum is the biggest museum in Nigeria. This museum exhibits an infinite collection of arts, historical artifacts, statues, and much more. This place is great for everyone to visit, especially if you have a great interest in learning some history about a certain country.

Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is also known as Nigeria International Commerce city. It is a planned city in the state of Lagos, and it is constructed on a land that is reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. This is a significant landmark in the city of Lagos and opens for the public to visit. So make this place a part of your trip and enjoy your time there.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

An artificial centered beach in Lagos near the harbor, this beach is used for surfing and boating. It is unique in a way as it can only be accessed by taking a ride on a boat or a ferry. Locals and tourists love this spot and use it for recreational activities, sunbathing and other activities to partake in the ocean.

The Synagogue Church of all nations

The Synagogue Church of all nations is an amazing church to visit for everyone. It is made in a great architectural design, and everyone who visits this place is left without descriptive words. We highly recommend you to visit it and make the most of your time in Lagos.

Banana Island

Banana Island is an artificial island on the shores of Ikoyi. These islands are made from remarkable engineering and houses some of the most notable people of Nigeria. Try to visit this significant landmark of Nigeria when visiting Lagos.

Some other important landmarks not to miss:

  • Kalakuta museum
  • Dreamworld Africana
  • Fun Factory
  • Tafawa Balewa Square
  • Tinubu Square
  • Didi Museum
  • Apapa Amusement Park
  • Musical Society of Nigeria
  • Central Mosque of Lagos
  • Alexis Galleries Limited
  • Victoria Beach
  • Ilukwe Museum

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