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In today’s scenario when we talk about life, all it strikes is a life that we are going through. Most of the time which is enjoying with friends, hanging out, night out, dancing in a club, gossiping living without empathy is what we mean by life today. It has become a status symbol to lead life this way.


But there is something hidden that we never experience what real the life is for everyone else. There are people for whom the life we lead in cities is just another nightmare. When you visit places like Bundelkhand, there are people who are still craving for basic necessities of life, like food, shelter, and clothing. They don’t even have money to fulfill their needs and even to feed themselves.


You can experience what true life is all about. When people go to donate some stuff there they to those people walking by covering a very long distance even after that they will just come up by your side and will sit quietly with discipline and an expectation to get something which can help themselves in their daily living. They don’t even know what actually a biscuit (cookie) is. They cover their whole body with torn clothes. Personally, you will get tears in your eyes while experiencing their life. Not only this you will feel yourself so blessed by the Almighty. You feel we have everything still keep on crying for something or the other.


A feeling of immense peace is what one can experience which is missing in this modern era. All the burnout people are going through gets healed in the blink of an eye. But this is very downhearted people in spite of thanking God all they do is playing the blame game. One came to know what care, empathies truly mean. Researchers now term this is Spiritual Care. Connecting to such people, spending time with them, empathize them by imagining yourself in their place. Anybody and everybody in this world can experience this true life. It just needs one day.

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