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5 Things Visitors Should Avoid in the Middle East



5 Things Visitors Should Avoid in the Middle East | Varnic

When you visit a country, it is better to talk to people who have been there. They can guide you about the weather conditions, culture, people and any visa requirements that go along with the visit. If you are planning to visit the Middle East in the near future then this article can be a lifesaver. You can rely on our findings to learn more about the things that you should and should not do while visiting UAE. There is often a lot of excitement among travelers who travel to different parts of the world. If you are one of them then do not forget to give this a thorough read. You must have heard tips about Cheap Umrah Packages UK. This article can tell you more about such tips. Following are the things that visitors should avoid in the Middle East.

1.  Drinking in Public:

You might have to say goodbye to drinking for a few days. If you are visiting UAE then make up your mind because you will not be allowed to drink in public. This is a custom that is observed by Muslim countries. Drinking is prohibited in these countries and any sort of inappropriate act can lead to serious consequences. If you are a frequent visitor to the bars then this might be a bad news for you. You are not allowed to drink in public so avoid doing it if you are in UAE.

2.  Taking Picture of People:

You might find the culture and cities beautiful and taking pictures becomes a habit in UAE. However, if you are thinking about taking pictures of people then drop this idea right away. It is considered unethical and you might face some serious consequences. They can even reprimand you for this. It is not considered an ethical act in UAE and you should always be careful about this aspect. Make sure you do not take any pictures of people.

3.  Eating outside if it is Ramadan:

Ramadan is a holy month of Muslims and they abstain from eating and drinking. Due to this the shops and food courts are closed until sunset. If you are visiting UAE in Ramadan then be careful about the sanctity of this month. Do not eat anything outside as it can get offensive and you might find people going against you.

4.  E-cigarettes:

If you are used to the flavor of E-cigarettes then there is a high chance that your cigarettes can be confiscated at the airport. You should not take any such thing with you as it is not allowed in UAE.

5.  Public Display of Infection:

You might be in habit of showing love to your partner in public but it is not allowed in UAE. You should not show any sort of affection for your partner in public.

These are some of the things that you should avoid if you are traveling to UAE. This might help you to know more about the culture of UAE.

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