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Want to contribute an article to Varnic ? Before you submit a guest post here, read this guidelines post to ensure your post get approved.

Varnic is a community for Lifestyle Bloggers, we always encourage upcoming bloggers to contribute an original article related to the topic of our blog and showcase in front of a wide audience.

The purpose is to help you to reach out to a new audience base, share your talent and give back something to the community.

How can you become a Varnic Contributor ?

Varnic is an emerging Online Lifestyle website which is covering all the Latest Trends coming to the world.

Before We help you to get started by becoming a contributor on our blog,

Few things to know about our blog i.e.

Here are few of the categories that We accept an article from, and also suggestions for few articles. Do remember to do a search at Varnic, to avoid submitting already published ideas.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Fashion
  3. Entertainment
  4. Book
  5. Motivation
  6. Travel

Few things to remember before submitting your guest post:

  • Credit: We respect individual work and ideas to post articles ,all the original content credits goes to the contributor of the Varnic
  • Author Details: Author or we can say contributor must have real profile, No fake profile or company based profile allowed. Author must be Real Person with proper name and Bio.
  • Article Quality: Article should be a minimum of 600 words and should cover the topic in detail.As higher quality helps the contributor to gain authority in the online world.
  • Self-promotion: We allow genuine contribution and don’t allow any direct promotion or anything of that sort.
  • Images + Videos: A picture can speck thousand words.Interactive images and videos are really important to attract the visitors and it increase the quality of the article.
  • Copyright: In case we found out that you had copied post from somewhere. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts, and profile from Varnic.
  • Backlinks: No DOFOLLOW Backlinks are allowed in the article, you are allowed only one relevant no-follow backlink on a appropriate Keyword which is related to the article content.

Note: If you want a Dofollow backlink, you can contact us on [email protected] Email.

How to Contribute your post at Varnic?

If you have read and understood all the guidelines mentioned above, you can submit the article directly from the dashboard. You can head over to the registration page, and create an account to submit your article. ( Note: Unrelated posts or useless submission will not be entertained).

Register and submit your guest post

If you have any unique content or new idea of post they feel free to contact us on [email protected] Email.If you want to promote your product or want banners ads on our Website then feel free to Contact Us