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Book Review: Life Is What You Make It,by Preeti Shenoy




About The Author:

Life is what you make it’ is a book written by an Indian author Preeti Shenoy. The Indian author received the Indian of the Year award by Brands Academy. She is the writer of the bestselling novel ’34 Bubblegums and Candies’ also.

This novel has a female main character. The leading role of the story is Ankita Sharma, who is a smart, sweet, attractive and ambitious girl born into a conservative middle-class family.

The story revolves around protagonist Ankita Sharma who is in her 20s. The story began with a series of conversation between Ankita and his childhood friend Vaibhav in Kerala in the 1980s. She makes friends with many girls in her college. She was diligent and also all-rounder of her college.

Meanwhile, in college cultural festivals events, she got cosy with another guy named Abhishek. She started liking him, and her attraction for Vaibhav began fading away.

Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It

She was in a dilemma but ended up getting in a relationship with Abhishek. After three years, Ankita manages to get into a premier management school for her MBA and dump Abhishek. Her parents find out about the secret letters written by Abhishek. Her parents gave Ankita warming and burned those letters in front of her.

Ankita, along with her family, moved from Cochin to Mumbai. In the story, twist arises when Abhishek dies. He was heartbroken and committed suicide. Ankita starts her MBA course. She starts working hard again and becomes very competitive at her college. Anyways she feels guilt towards Vaibhav and Abhishek.

She becomes too much excited about studying, painting, writing poems etc. but her excitement doesn’t last long. The story takes another turning point from here. Ankita now suffers from Bipolar disorder. The author perfectly describes her mental breakdown, depression and how she loses all her interest in life.

The motto of the novel is to spread awareness related to young people living as well as to enlighten people about the mental breakdown and its cure. On the other hand, if you are your thirties or forties, then it will remind you of your old days.

The story ends with the rebirth of Ankita into a person who celebrates every day for being alive.

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My thoughts on the book:

This book holds something which will change your thought process regarding life. ‘Life is what you make it’ gives a profound message regarding our experience. Whatever we choose, the decision we take and the choices we made in our life. It’s all depends on you whether to fight back for your survival or get carried away by the situation. It was an enjoyable novel.

Ankita Gupta is a young, dynamic, aspiring Entrepreneur and a writer too. Ankita is a travel enthusiast as she loves exploring new places , people and possibilities as well as new creative ideas and art work.. Motive in Life: To motivate people to achieve their goals and success.

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