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5 Healthy Activities for Your Kids




Healthy activities are very important for the mental and physical growth of children. As the number of mobiles and other games has been increasing, the physical activity between the children has been decreasing. According to the American Diabetes Association, the rate of childhood obesity and diabetes rate is continuously increasing. That is the reason that the World Health Organization suggests that the children between the ages of 6 to 17 should spend at least 60 minutes in high physical activity in a day. Therefore, parents can develop and ingrain the habit of physical activities in their kids.

Following are the 5 healthy physical activities that parents should add in the daily routine of their children.

1. Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are one of the healthiest activities that are used to improve the health of children. Outdoor games have a huge variety that can be used on daily basis to increase the fun and enjoyment. All these games for kids include bingo game, Flickr, Hopscotch, Hide and Seek, Red Rover, Statues, FourSquare, Twister, Bouncy castles, Backyard obstacles and etc. These are all those games which are interesting, easily understandable and have physical activity includes, which is good for the health of kids. These outdoor games can also be played by elder members of the family along with children.

2. Sports

Sports is yet another healthy activity that can be used to make children active. And also to prevent them from diseases that are caused by unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. Sports is also used by the school for physical activity of students. It includes basketball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, cricket and soccer. It gives the student an opportunity to choose their favorite sports. But every student is not part of the main sports team. Therefore, you can start these sports at home with your children. It will not only be beneficial for their health but will also provide you with the time to relax and unwind.

3. Dance

Another healthy activity that you can decide for your child is dance. We all are aware that how likable music is for children from a younger age. And they automatically start moving whenever the music is turned on. Therefore, that can be used as an activity to make them healthy. There are so many genres of music that can be used for the activity. You do not even need to hire a professional dancer or trainer for the teaching of dance. You can just start by learning on YouTube. Even the imperfect moves will make them exercise and will make their body active.

4. Work as a game

Other activities can be a combination of games and work. That can work in two different benefits for you and your child. Like you can make your children work for the cleaning of their room by making it a game. Like picking the toys from the floor and putting them into the toy basket or folding of the clothes that are washed and dried. It will benefit you in different ways, like help in the completion of work, making them active and their learning to do their chores by themselves.

5. Tug of War

Tug of war is also a great physical game that can be played in case of large gatherings. This game is not just concerned with the children, adults and parents can also play it. People of all ages enjoy playing this game. This game is also played in outdoor areas preferably parks and it does not require a lot of tools to play. Tug of war is usually played in grounds where there is grass. When it is played in indoor then soft matting is required, to protect the players from injuries.

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