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Popular Gemstones In Fashion In 2019



Popular Gemstones In Fashion In 2019 | Varnic

Gemstones are pieces of crystals or mineral stones which are refined and used to make beautiful jewelry and decorative items. These can be precious as well as semi-precious gemstones and comes in different colors and shades. We have sorted out a list of gemstones below which is currently in trend:


Diamond comes on the top when we talk about popular gemstones mostly described as Brilliant, Dazzling and Incredible. The word diamond came from the Greek word “Adamas” which means the hardest metal. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after gemstones for jewelry owing to its beautiful play of colors and remarkable brilliance.


One of the most popular gemstones, Pearl is a solid object composed of calcium carbonate which is secreted by an oyster after it encounters an irritant. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that pearls are sleekly glamorous and can be worn with any attire.


When it comes to popularity then emerald also comes in the mind of people, undoubtedly popular but difficult to find. The rarity of emerald certainly contributes to their hefty price tags, but these soft green stones are beloved for more reasons.


The yellowish green August birthstone Peridot is getting very popular in the world of gems. Its newfound popularity among both designers and buyers may have much to do with its relative rarity.


Often associated with golden yellow hues, Topaz is extremely popular and has different colors such as yellow, red, honey brown, light green, blue and pink. It is very popular due to its clarity, durability, and availability.


It is the only Ruby which is highly prized and admired. Found in different colors the most valuable rubies are from Burma. The Burmese stones are mainly colored by chromium giving them the blood-red hue that is the hallmark of the finest stones.


Considered a unique gemstone opal is made up of hardened silica gel. Its name was taken from the Sanskrit word “Upala” which means precious stone. It helps to manage blood disorders, depression, and lethargy.


One of the world’s most ancient gems, Garnet gemstones have been admired for a long time. A popular jewelry product it is also been used in bracelets and brooches.


Love, passion, strength is the basic symbols related to Amber one of the popular gemstone across the world. The most common color for Amber gemstone beads is deep yellow to dark red, green and most infrequent blue amber.


The birthstone for February, Amethyst is extremely popular for jewelry because of its verities of colors, shapes, and affordability.


Although Tanzanite has just entered to the gemstone market it has left its impression in the jewelry world in a hurry. This rare exotic gem was discovered by Portuguese prospector Manuel D’Souza.

Gemstones have an important role in Indian Astrology because they are prescribed as a remedial solution by astrologers. These can remove ill-impact of on birth chart caused by planets and enhance the positive impact of planets.

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