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5 Best Video Advertising Software in 2023



Best way of Video Advertising

Video advertising is going to be the next frontier of content. Video platforms continue to see a rising number of views and more extended watch periods.

With all of this interest and activity, the potential advertising value rises. Video ads are becoming a must-include for any display advertising strategy. However, most advertisers still haven’t successfully incorporated videos into their approach to display advertising.

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The problem is that video ads require more time and attention to produce, manage and optimize. As a result, marketers need to know the best video advertising software solutions for 2021 to help them master this challenging format and capitalize on the tremendous opportunities paid video content offers.

Best Video Advertising Software

Video Advertising

#1: Adobe Premiere

When it comes to editing any video content you’ve shot, Adobe Premiere is primarily used as the #1 video editing software on the market. It is the same software that video editing pros use! It has every feature you could want from this program and will give your videos the professional quality you’re up to.

The drawback is that all these features and options can overwhelm newcomers, especially without any preexisting experience in editing videos or using similar software. You have all of these knobs, sliders, buttons, options to play with, and the minimal idea of what any of them do.

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That said, the popularity of this software means that there are a lot of tutorials available online and through the Adobe learning centre. Therefore, with a little bit of time and learning, you can learn this program’s basics and intermediate features reasonably well.

#2: Lumen5

Lumen5 is not your video editing software, but it is an excellent tool for creating video ads, particularly for use on social media channels. It’s also a great option if you have a lot of existing blog content that you want to convert into video assets.

It’s a much easier-to-use tool than Adobe Premiere, with hardly any learning curve. The intuitive interface uses simple drag-and-drop actions to splice together video clips, gifs, screengrabs, animations, and more. In addition, you can piece together multiple types of elements together to create an ad experience.

However, Lumen5 videos may not be great for every business or video ad channel. The fun styling may not suit a more professional persona or audience. The other drawback is that you may have to play around with your content before it is ready to be adapted into a video.

There is a free version available to try out for yourself.

#3: Promo

Promo is a similar solution to Lumen5 designed to make it easy to create rich ad experiences and videos. Again, you don’t need any prior knowledge of video production or video editing experience because it has a friendly interface that anyone can understand and use.

Essentially, Promo has a library of video templates, stock footage, copy, music, and other elements that you can pick and choose from to create an ad. This saves you a significant amount of time and resources that would otherwise be spent developing these components yourself.

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This system also makes designing the right ad experience easy and simplifies picking and choosing the correct elements. You can even select different aspect ratios to ensure that your ad fits the intended channel!

The only real drawback is that you’re using a library of elements that other Promo users also have access to. While there are plenty of options to make a unique ad experience, a competitor using Promo may develop a very similar ad, which can lead to confusion amongst your target audience.

#4: Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a popular reason why advertisers turn to videos and other display ad formats in the first place. This advertising strategy works by tagging visitors that enter your site with a small code. When a site asks you to accept their cookies, this includes their retargeting code. This allows the site to target you with personalized ad messages even after you’ve left their website.

Essentially, remarketing is the act of advertising and marketing to people that have already engaged with your brand and its offerings they are many brands we can take it an example like if we are talking about gadgets (Best smartwatches) is rapidly growing in marketing on the other hand criteo dynamic retargeting is a solution that uses AI and advanced machine learning to serve relevant ads to retargeting audiences in real-time.

There are two substantial benefits of Criteo Dynamic Retargeting. The first is that Criteo opens the door to reportedly 75% of the world’s active online audience. The service boasts that it sees shopper insights and data from 2 billion users a month. This is more than Google Ads alone can reach.

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When it comes to remarketing, Criteo is particularly powerful because it allows you to produce more personalized experiences to re-engage these past visitors, including videos. With deeper audience insights, you can hit the key selling points that your retargeting lists are interested in seeing.


Video advertising is not easy. Besides the time they already spend managing and optimizing their campaigns and strategies, marketers need to commit extra time to develop these ad messages. With these five best video advertising software options for 2021, you’ll be able to create compelling video ads using fewer resources.

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