5 Ways to Make Epic Graduation Announcements



Graduation announcement, such as those available at, is a great way to let everyone know about an epic milestone that you are celebrating. It is not just for bragging, but it also makes a great keepsake and a great tool for networking, especially if you are graduating from college and starting to find a job.

Do not make your graduation announcement generic. Make it stand out and memorable by keeping in mind our suggestions in this article.

1 Let the Pros Handle It

You don’t have to make the graduation announcements on your own. If you are busy and if you aren’t feeling creative, you can rely on companies like Shutterfly if you need formal college graduation announcements. They have experts who can design the announcements, making sure that you’ll have an epic one. You can also inform them about any specifics you have in mind and they will come up with a layout you are sure to love.

2  Pick the Right Picture

It makes sense to use a graduation photo in the announcement, which is what most people do. If you want to be different, however, you can choose any photo to reflect your personality. You can even use a whacky shot if you are known for being perky. Choose a photo that you love and make sure that it resonates how happy you are to announce such a milestone in your life.

3 Do It On Your Own

Earlier, we recommended working with the pros to create the graduation announcement. However, if you are feeling a little creative, it is best to make it a DIY task. Check out some Pinterest templates to provide design inspiration to help you make the announcements even without expert design knowledge. For something that is unique, you might also want to try a chalkboard card. It is an easy way to customize the invite since all that you need to do is to draw or write on the card based on the design that you want.

4 Mind Your Words

More than the design, the wording is one of the most important elements that will make an exceptional graduation announcement. At the most basic, it includes information the recipient needs to know, including the name of the graduate, degree, date of the graduation, and venue of the party or the ceremony. It is also not uncommon in recent years to include an inspirational quote or message in the graduation announcement.

5 Choose a Theme

When creating graduation announcements, a good starting point is identifying a theme. This helps to determine the design elements to incorporate in the announcement, such as the color, patterns, and texture. Some of the most popular themes include retro, hipster, and contemporary. Pick a theme that is aligned with your personality or interests.

Your graduation announcement does not need to be boring. With our suggestions above, it will be easier to make your announcement stand out!

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