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Upcoming Netflix Indian Series 2018 – That You Must Wait For 📺





Since when Netflix has launched its first Indian Original series ‘Sacred Games’ people have gone crazy about Netflix Originals, especially the TV series enthusiast community that binge watches shows in a day. There’s actually a certain set of audience that Netflix addresses, the kind of audience that like a good well-directed story and can make you cling to your TV screen. And with all the so-called Indian web-series kept aside, Netflix does promise some really astounding content to its viewers. I guess that’s the preliminary reason Netflix is dominant in the Web-series game.


As a very curious audience, like me, we all are looking for the next Netflix India Original to come up. So, for you, we have got the list of Upcoming Netflix Indian Series that are worth waiting for.

Upcoming Netflix Indian Series 2018


  • 1 Upcoming Netflix Indian Series 2018

1. Ghoul

Starring Radhika Apte, Ghoul is going to be a mini-series featuring 4 episodes. The supernatural horror series will definitely give a chill in the viewer’s spine. I mean, even I had Goosebumps while watching the trailer. It’s scheduled to release on August 24th.

2. Selection Day


Selection day

The series Selection Day is going to be an adaption of well-known novelist Aravind Adiga book of the same name. It has got two themes that are very much loved in India, Cinema and Cricket. So, we can expect some drama as well as sports thrill from these series. My God! Netflix does know what Indians like.

3. Bard of Blood


The bard of blood

The eight-episode political thriller is based on the author Bilal Siddiqi’s bestseller novel of the same name. The official news confirms that it is going to feature Emraan Hashmi as the key protagonist of the series. Netflix studio and Red chilli entertainments have tide up for this action-packed thriller. Honestly, I can’t wait for this.

4. Leila


Written by novelist Prayaah Akbar, Leila is a story set in a dystopian future and revolves around a woman. Who is on a mission to find her daughter. There is no official announcement, when the series will be released or who will be the director. As far as I can say, I would love to see Netflix take on a dystopian futuristic India.

5. Crocodile


Set in Goa, the series portraits a strong protagonist who takes the matter into her own hand, when her best friend goes missing. We can expect it would be a drama maybe mystery-thriller. All I know for now is that it’s written by Binky Mendez, who co-wrote The Ashram.

6. Again

It’s going to be a supernatural detective series set in New Delhi. The series is written by Marisha Mukherjee, who is known for her writing in the popular series like Quantico and Heroes.

7. Midnight’s Children

Midnight's children

By the time this series will hit on Netflix, we’ll be pretty much aware of two or three Netflix originals. There is no explanation on this series, as well all know that it’s based on a Booker award-winning book of the same name written by the literary star Salman Rushdie.

8. Bahubali – Before the Beginning

So, this one is also in the line. Netflix recently announced it, so we may expect to see a trailer probably next year, I mean if we are lucky. The cast is obviously original and we might see some new character introduced. I guess we’ll just have to wait for this one.

So, I hope you like this fun article, please keep showing us your love and don’t stop binge-watching. See ya!

I'm a ponderous human being, who uses sarcasm as a conventional term to delineate humanity... I have no idea, what I'm sayin. 😜

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Netflix’s Parfume TV Series Review: A Scent of Psychopaths




Netflix's Parfume TV Series Review

Parfume TV Series 2018 (Season 1 | Netflix)

Cast: Friederike Becht, Natalia Belitski, Ken Duken, August Diehl, Christian Friedel, Trystan Putter

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

Overall Rating:

What do you think, when the classic book you read has turned into a mainstream cinema? Disappointment, perhaps. But not this time, the Netflix German Original Perfume is a not an adaption of the Classic novel “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” by German writer Patrick Suskind but it’s rather loosely inspired by the idea of Perfume itself. The Six episodes narration of reimagined and modernized Perfume, is, indeed a spectacular TV.

The series unfolds with a gruesome murder of women; Katharina Laufer, which makes five of her former classmates reunite at her funeral. The murder is further investigated by troubled detective Nadja Simon played by Friederike Becht, who’s good in her job but equally disturbed with her secret relationship. All the characters are troubled and are dealing with situations in their own way while the series juggles through their childhood flashbacks. As the series goes further, everyone’s sinister secrets are revealed making all friends countable for the murder of not just Katharina but two other women, who have also been murdered in an identical style. The more flashback the more secrets are revealed and ultimately connecting the dots of the creation of the final perfume ‘A Perfume that makes everyone love you’, Now, that is something that I wanted from a series inspired by Suskind character Grenouille.

This is a series for people, who like dark gritty dramas and have an appetite for twists and unsettling characters. Cinematography and production design have done a striking job that does justice to the theme. How strong and week a character is, every character has an earth-shattering moment, which makes you question their honesty and cruelty simultaneously.

There are not many series that can deliver this much of thrill in an equally disturbed tone, there is this certain gore nature in this series that makes it stand sundry. Director Philipp Kadelbach and writer Eva Kranenburg have played with the Perfume the Story of Murderer so well that this series has its own ominous trail that makes it a finest inspired version of the original story.

I think this is probably the second German series that I watched and liked after Dark. As I said, Perfume has its own trail, a kind of trail that lingers you and stick with you like your own odour. I’ll go with 4.5 stars out of 5 for this series, the disturbing scent of the ultimate Perfume will definitely leave you awestruck.

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4 Reasons to Watch The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)




Reasons to Watch The Haunting of Hill House
Overall Rating:

A spectacular experience while watching a horror genre film is the time when you jump on your chair exclaiming ‘Ahh’. It’s not safe but it is quite agreeable to say that you have enjoyed a horror film. And like any horror film where there is Ghost and eerie door-opening scene, The Haunting of Hill House stands sundry to be precise. The Netflix Original is a perfect concoction of classic horror, marvellous acting, amazing script and a terribly scary direction. It’s a compliment though.

You might not have heard about this series or maybe you’re planning to watch it later. Doesn’t matter which side you’re on, it’s time to stop everything and give this show the time it desires. So, here are reasons to start watching Haunting of the Hill house; ASAP.

Here are 4 Reasons to Watch The Haunting of Hill House


  • 1 Here are 4 Reasons to Watch The Haunting of Hill House
  • 2 How I Liked?

1. Horror jungle

Oh yes! The 10-episode TV series is indeed a horror jungle. There are so many Ghost that you’ll literally forget the count and any possible reason for their existence. The unnerving ghost scenes will literally give you jump-scares. If at any point you feel that it’s getting out-of-text, the show will bring you back with another creepy ghost.

2. The Story

No doubt, Shirley Jackson was an exceptional writer. This reimagined modern story of the classic horror tale is as much as dazzling as the old one. The spiral tale and uncertain events take place in a mere moment that you can’t prognosticate any event whatsoever. Although, you might get an impression that the house is ominous and haunted but it’s far more profound and satisfactory as the story reveals itself.

3. Yes, Jump-scares

I don’t think any horror genre TV or film is whole without Jump-scares. The shows Jump-scares are unprecedented, it comes where you least expect it. But with all that kept aside, it also manages to twitch your attention with some secret sinister signs, that you’ll only acknowledge if you’re being attentive.

4. Direction

The show’s direction is indeed remarkable. Director Mike Flanagan is no new in the horror genre, he has given some amazing film like Gerald’s Game, Before I wake and Hush. Every scene in the show has been strategically taken and placed at the right time, the scenes are being coordinated so well that you’ll able to connect the dot from the first episode to third. A perfect suspense recipe.

How I Liked?

Haunting of the hill house is a must for every horror movie buff, it has got all the string pulled to make a perfect eerie tone that you desire of. The cast has also done a great job staying true to their character and setting an evil scenario within the series. I’ll go with 9 out of 10 with this series, the ghost of Hill house will definitely leave you dazzled and scared.

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