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Top 5 Eating Joints to visit when you’re Bit Broken




Foodie or No-Foodie, everyone craves for a perfectly delicious meal. And I’m sure, you all must have gone through the phase at least once in your lives when you are broken and hungry as hell at the same time. The scenario is quite relatable especially when you’re college or school going student and runs on the pocket money from your parents. Well, for those delicious cravings the following food joints are perfect for a foodie to check out!

Anna ka Canteen, North Campus

This place is perfect for those who are looking for a ‘low on the pocket and big on plate’ meal. And, if you’re fond of South Indian food, this place is perfect for you! Here they serve selective vegetarian & Non- Vegetarian dishes. The place is small and gives the feel of a ‘dhaba’. Although the place has good food, the hygiene factor could be an issue for some.

Cost for two: 150 or less.

Shagun Golden Chinese, Hudson Lane

As the name suggests, the place is perfect for all your Chinese cravings. Located in the busy street of North Campus this place is perfect for those who want to eat in style but also wants to budget in style. Unlike the other restaurants in Hudson Lane, this place is less funky when it comes to decor. But, it serves a great variety of Chinese food. The Menu even has options for sea-food lovers. This place is good to go with a bunch of friends and family.

Cost for two: 350

Coffee Home, Connaught Place

Quality, Quantity, and pocket-friendly. These three words define the place perfectly! Surrounded by all the top fancy restaurant franchise, Coffee Home will take you back to the good old 90s days. Located in the lane right opposite to Hanuman Temple, this place is good enough to go through our childhood menu. The place may not have many options, but it has enough options to satisfy your cravings. The ambiance of the place is not fancy, much of a canteen, but the perk is it has an open sitting area with concrete benches which is perfect for Sunny winters and late evening Summers.

Cost for two: 250-300

Chinese Van, District Center

Who doesn’t know about these vans? If you love Chinese cuisine, this is a must visit van. These vans are perfect for those who don’t have time for all the dine-in drama and for those who want to enjoy roadside junk. Just pull your bike or car in front of these vans and eat your heart out! There’s no sitting area, but they have few tables to keep your dishes on. Payless, eat more is the only mantra they follow!

Cost for two: 300

DDA Market, Hudson Lane

If you’re missing homemade food, this place is bang on! This is a small market surrounded by various small food corners with a common eating place. This place serves simple North Indian dishes like biriyani, rajma chawal, and stuffed paranthas. Good to go with your college gang when you don’t want to eat something fancy, but desi!

Cost for two: 200-250

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