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The Best Spring Break Travel Destinations Around The World




While travel deals are everywhere, how do you even start to plan the perfect getaway for one special week? The answer will depend on your interests and how far you’d like to journey, as well as your budget and other variables. To help you start to gather your thoughts and get your plans in place, we are sharing some of our favorite ideas for a memorable spring break experience. Whether you are a student, a couple, or a family, the right spring break is out there for you!

College Students

College Students

As new adults, the world is yours for the taking, and spring break fun beckons from many corners. To make it even better, classes are all off, so what’s your excuse to not go out and enjoy the free week? Some vacation locations have a regular spring break ‘scene’ where you can meet and mingle with students from other schools, while other destinations are perfect for creating your own adventure.

Popular destinations:

  • Mazatlan– Mexico’s ‘Gold Coast’ offers an easy mix of sun, watersports, dining, shopping, and nightlife. The ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ has reliably mild weather and a lively spring break ‘scene’.
  • New Orleans– Southern history, jazz music, and the mighty Mississippi River all come together in the non-stop melting pot that is the ‘Crescent City’ of New Orleans. Grab your beads and come on in, for a non-stop spring break party on the Gulf Coast.
  • Las Vegas– While Las Vegas is a year-round destination, it’s also home to a lively student-friendly spring break scene. During the day many popular hotels have pool parties, and when the sun drops, the Las Vegas nightlife is second to none. The weather is generally mild and hotel deals abound this time of year too, so you should be able to experience all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Pros: These vacation locations are popular for a reason- they have a lot to offer for activities and are an easy place to enjoy oneself. There is a spring break ‘scene’ in place so you’ll have the company of other students to share in the fun.

Cons: As with anywhere that’s well-visited, crowds can mean, well, crowdedness. You won’t find a secluded beach and there may be waits for restaurants and shows. It’s also good to remember basic travel safety tips in the spring break ‘hotspots’.

Tips: Popular places are easy and may be a good choice for your first trip planned ‘on your own’. Be aware of possible crowd issues, and plan as best you can to find alternatives- maybe eat early, or buy your own food. Know your travel safety- don’t walk alone at night, etc.

Unique Destinations:

  • Puerto Rico– Offering a tantalizing mix of beaches, history, and culture, Puerto Rico offers easy fun in the Caribbean sun yet remains a lesser-known getaway destination with much to discover.
  • Amsterdam– Journey across the pond and enjoy canals, museums, and the vibrant street scene and welcoming nightlife of Amsterdam. This small and charismatic city is easily walkable and youth-friendly and is a favorite of return visitors.
  • New York City– You can’t go wrong with New York City! The city never sleeps and there’s something here for everybody- sightseeing, dining, shopping, and so much more. Weather in spring can be a mixed bag, but there’s so much to do that you might want to skip on sleeping to take it all in!

Pros: For some students, the party scene is 100%, not their style. If that is you, you might enjoy using a free week to explore someplace that you’ve always wanted to go. This is the time of life when you can just ‘pick up and go’ and immerse yourself in something entirely different for a week!

Cons: An active or off the beaten path location may involve more research to plan out. You may also need to find a ‘travel buddy’ if you are not going to be part of the mainstream break scene.

Tips: Start planning early and if your first dream trip doesn’t seem that it’s going to pan out, keep exploring ideas until you find a trip that’s going to work for you.


Real love and attachment

Fast forward a few years… you’ve graduated from school, you’re employed now, you’re part of a couple. You’ve both been working hard all winter, and spring beckons you to take some time to get away together. You want to relax but also enjoy some active fun doing things together. You probably no longer want the student scene, but there’s still a great spring break for you.

Popular destinations:

  • Cruise– Taking a cruise as a couple is a perfect way to enjoy some time together and wake up a new port daily. To ensure your quiet time, book with a line that doesn’t provide so much for families, such as Oceania.
  • Skiing– Fun in the sun may be found on the slopes as well and many ski resorts all other fine features as well, such as spa treatments, fine dining, and shopping.

Pros: The well-traveled is always easy. If you have less time to plan and no full week off anymore, a quick getaway is easy to schedule. Since you aren’t going to the same places as students, this becomes more like taking a vacation than a ‘spring break’- but, as it’s still ‘off’ season in many locations, there are many times discounts to be had for travel in March.

Cons: With any good idea, other people have it too. Even non-students like to get away in spring to enjoy the year’s first warm sun and lower prices.

Tips: If you can find out when most students have a break in your area, you have the flexibility to go a different week to avoid the rush.

Unique Destinations:

  • Santa Barbara- A mild climate and a bustling wine (and microbrew) scene are amongst Santa Barbara’s draws. Enjoy some time simply walking the beach or poking around town.
  • Roatan- A diver’s haven and a low-key ‘truly tropical’ beach scene await you in Roatan, Honduras. Easily reached by flight from Houston and providing a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, Roatan is the ‘undiscovered paradise’ you’ve been looking for.
  • Grand Canyon- American’s greatest wonder is easily visited in spring and nearby attractions are many. Design your own Southwest road trip and spend a bit of time too checking out nearby sections of old Route 66.

Pros: Spring (as well as fall) is the best time to visit places that are normally busy in summer and cold in winter. The weather is just right and crowds and prices are still relatively low.

Cons: Weather is unpredictable, you could find yourselves still wintered in! Some destinations are so seasonal that not everything is open in off months.

Tips: If you are willing to accept that the trip is an adventure regardless of the weather or what activities are available, you can enjoy your trip regardless of what surprises you may encounter.



Fast forward again… you’re no longer just a couple, you’re a couple with kids! And as you find yourselves retired to a school calendar, you once again have a whole week to get out and about. This is your chance to get away from daily life and enjoy some quality family time. The one trick? You’ll need to find a destination that all family members can enjoy.

Popular destinations:

Atlantis in the Bahamas

A whole world in one mega-resort, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort Bahamas has everything you’ll ever need, including kids Camp’ programs. Or, hop across the bridge into Nassau to visit the Straw Market one day- then back to your ‘home away from home’.


You can’t go wrong with Hawaii! The weather’s almost always perfect, it’s easy to get around, the food is great, and everyone is sure to find fun things to do. A popular family option is to rent a ‘condo’ rather than a traditional hotel room- this gives everyone more space and allows you to save money on food by preparing some of your own meals.


Another easy one, Orlando has year-round fun but is an excellent spring choice. The weather is warm, everything is extremely family friendly, and there are so many possible activities that you may have to pick and choose!

Pros: Some destinations are ‘no-brainers’- you know you will love them. Keep it easy and stick with a pre-set package that includes everything your family would need so you can focus on enjoying yourselves and your time together.

Cons: Some destinations that cater to families are thus overrun by families. You aren’t the only one who thinks DisneyWorld at this time of year! Lines can get long and that’s no fun for kids.

Tips: Consider your kids (as well as adults) and how much crowdedness you can endure and still enjoy the destination. If you have family members who won’t do well with a busy scene, plan someplace less well-known to avoid the frustrations.

Unique destinations:

Steamboat Springs, CO– An amazing kid-friendly Colorado ski town with so much more, Steamboat has sleigh rides, a bungee jump trampoline in the Coca-Cola Adventure Zone, tubing, ice castles, and specially designed kids programs.

London– For older kids with an interest in history, culture, and adventure, London, England is an easy trip to a foreign country. Spend a week exploring a bit of Britain and come home with an appreciation for having spent a week ‘abroad’.

Your Own Backyard- Sometimes, it’s great to take a ‘big trip’ as a family. And sometimes, it’s nice to stay closer to home. For most people, within only 100 miles of their house, there will exist several ‘getaways’ that they’ve never been to. Rent a cabin, go on a road trip, discover a small town that you’ve only passed by. Save the long journey, costs, and jet lag by enjoying somewhere near home… close enough to be easy, but far enough out of your daily life to still be a ‘getaway’.

Pros: Doing your own thing can relieve the pressure that you ought to be spending every moment of your week doing activities or participating in a larger vacation scene. It becomes more about you and your family and your free time and less about ‘spring break’.

Cons: You’ll have to research options, make plans, and prepare the whole family. Weather can be mercurial this time of year, so you have to plan and pack for all eventualities.

Tips: Know your own family’s limits and what collectively decide what you’d like from your free week. You may want to use the chance to create a unique adventure, or you may wish to keep it simple.

Asks the Travel Experts

Mark Chesnut is the expert when it comes to travel in Latin America. He was kind enough to provide a few of his top picks for spring break destinations:

  • With its good weather and beautiful beaches, Mexico is a perennial favorite for spring break. But there are many destinations in Mexico — some are very popular choices, while others are lesser known. Cancun is a great choice, thanks to its array of hotels that fit nearly every budget, as well as its energetic nightlife, shopping, dining and beautiful Caribbean waters. There are more all-inclusive properties there than ever before, so it’s easy to find one that fits a variety of style preferences (the adults-only properties are probably a better choice for spring breakers). Nearby cultural attractions like the magnificent Chichen Itza and scenic Tulum provide additional reasons to visit.
  • Cool lesser-known destinations for spring break include Huatulco, a Pacific-coast resort town with multiple bays, a scenic landscape, and a more tranquil vibe. You can wander the cute downtown area, dine on local cuisine and enjoy lots of water sports. Don’t miss a trip to Copalita Eco-Archeological Park, the site of the city of Copatitlan, which dates back more than 2,000 years. Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa is the destination’s newest hotel; it’s an adults-only paradise with great views and a huge spa.

Sheila Beal our Hawaii expert shared her top picks for spring break destinations:


  • Travaasa Hana on Maui is a tropical paradise that’s an ideal getaway for couples. The spa and resort are almost always top rated by major travel publishers. The resort is divided into two different sections — the private sea cottages are designated just for adults. There’s an adult only pool, too.
  • Waimea Plantation Cottages on Kauai offer private, romantic cottages that let you relax and feel like you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

For families

Aulani, the Disney resort, on Oahu is so family-friendly. It’s like staying in at a water park with all the great pools, lazy rivers, and water playground. The onsite kid’s program that caters individually to children, tweens and teens offer wonderful programs that the kids will love and mom and dad can enjoy some free time.

Maisie Headey is a school teacher in a govt sponsored school and is actively involved in making people aware of the upcoming food crisis. She believes that we need to educate people about the concept of degrowth and the danger of the climate change. She is an active member of some popular journals and hopes to lead a sustainable life. She also contribute articles to 3Leaps that offers content development services. She has written several articles on a wide range of topics.

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Things to Learn from Long-Term Travelers



Things to Learn from Long-Term Travelers | Varnic

For Muslims, performing Umrah is a respected and prestigious practice. They want to travel and visit the Holy cities of ‘Madinah’ and ‘Makkah’. It is a wish of every Muslim to see these cities and perform Umrah at least once. This is a religious practice that also requires traveling and planning. Like any other destination, you can get most out of it by following a few pro tips best Umrah Packages 2020 in UK.

You will need expert guidelines, even though you have got the best Umrah Packages 2020 in the UK. We have compiled a smart guide that can help you during your journey to the Holy land. These are the things that long-term travelers recommend to new travelers.

1. Travel With Less

When you are on the Holy land to perform Umrah, you may be visiting holy places. And you can get benefit from expert long-term travelers when you have to travel. It is recommended to travel with as little weight as you can. Only carry what is necessary and leave the extra stuff in your hotel room.

Long-term travelers advise traveling with less than 20lbs (around 9kg) weight. People often pick things that they think are necessary and then try to find a bag. But that is not the ideal way to carry your baggage. You must find the bag first that you can carry around easily. After that, decide what items are necessary and what you can carry.

2. Pilgrims Are Not Tourists

Keep in mind that tourists and pilgrims are not the same, there are certain differences. Tourists usually travel to discover new places, collect souvenirs and learn exciting facts. Their purpose is to broaden the mind and traveling for the sake of a hobby. This is a more materialist journey that involves enjoyment. Pilgrims, on the contrary, travel for spirituality and discovering themselves.

A pilgrim travels with an ultimate purpose and goal, to be a different person when he or she returns. Such a person doesn’t wander around gift shops or waste time in parks for leisure. So, as a pilgrim, you must travel to identify faith and yourself. You will be traveling to spend time on religious duties and for ‘Holy idleness’.

3. Be Money Conscious

Managing the budget is the most challenging task that pilgrims have to face. You surely don’t want to spend extra or disturb your budget. It is better to allocate a fixed budget for your Umrah visit and divide it into daily amounts. Use it for expenses like food and transport to avoid temptation.

Many pilgrims end up spending money to buy gifts for their loved ones. This is a good way to show that you love them but not a good choice to make. Make a budget plan and stick to it so that you can easily complete your Umrah journey. The best way to do shopping is before return. You can do the shopping and purchase gifts without worrying about the budget.

4. It Is OK to Travel Alone

You are bound to meet certain people again and again while performing Umrah. This is like a traveling journey on foreign land where you always find like-minded tourists. And as a pilgrim, you may end up becoming a part of a large group of people. This can help you to travel smoothly and perform daily chores.

However, traveling people have some negative outcomes as well. You may not visit some holy places that you want to see or stay for a longer time. It is better to get some free time from the group and spend it on “Ibadat” or doing some shopping.

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The Dominican Republic Travel Guide



The Dominican Republic Travel Guide | Varnic

A tourist destination whose reputation made the tour of the world for obvious reasons, the Dominican Republic provides a bit of everything. This country bathed by the Atlantic Ocean in the North and the Caribbean Sea to the South was until not so long ago “the best-kept secret of the Caribbean”. Its popularity has been increasing steadily for several reasons: an enjoyable tropical climate with temperature averages of 25°C all year round, warm waters (never under 26°C and going up to 31°C during the summer) caressing its beaches, the charming mixture of Taino, European and Caribbean cultures, the varied nature and rich history.

Santo Domingo

Founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus’ younger brother (Bartholomew) and considered the first town of the New World, Santo Domingo is a colorful, noisy and full of life city that welcomes its visitors with the typically Caribbean warmth and love for life. It buzzes with horns, loads of vendors and by walking along the streets of Ciudad Colonial, you will certainly discover its fascinating past.

The first paved street in the New World and nowadays the main trading avenue of the Dominican capital, Calle de las Damas will lead you through an impressive number of historical landmarks: Fortaleza Ozama (the oldest fort in America), Casa de Rodrigo de Bastida (the early 16th century residence of the second important family in the country, after the Columbus family, featured by an Andalusia style courtyard), Casa de Francia (previously known as Casa de Hernán Cortés). A symbol of the whole country, the 18th century National Pantheon was originally built as a Jesuit church. Overlooking the Ozama River, the 16th-century magnificent palace Alcázar de Colón is nowadays the home of Museo Alcázar de Diego Colón, which displays an important tapestry collection, among others.

Getting out of the city, you can visit Parque Mirador del Este – home of the spectacular caves of Los Tres Ojos. A holy site for native Taino Indians, the limestone cave encloses three lakes (Aguas Azufradas, Nevera and El Lago de las Mujeres). Their popularity increased with their selection as shooting setting for some Tarzan movies as well as for some scenes of the Jurassic Park. A historical landmark in their proximity is Faro a Colon – a towering lighthouse where the renowned explorer Christopher Columbus is buried.

La Romana

Undoubtedly one of the places in the Dominican Republic which attracts the most tourists, La Romana has amazing attractions, such as the village of Altos De Chavon – a recreation of a European medieval village completed in the mid-1970s. It features an amphitheater and a beautiful stone church named Iglesia San Estanislao de Cracovia, chosen by many couples as a wedding ceremony venue.

A popular stop with cruise ships, Catalina Island is one of the most idyllic spots of the Dominican Republic. With its quiet lagoon, its end of the world gentle atmosphere, its small fishing villages, its wide beaches surrounded by palm trees, Saona Island is the perfect venue for a farniente holiday.

Don’t miss the magic Arena Gorda beach. Visit Manati Park if you want to see crocodiles, dolphins, and toucans or Dolphin Park if swimming with these friendly marine mammals has been your dream. Try a safari trip if you want to discover the whole variety of the Dominican fauna and flora, to cross the sugar cane plantations or to climb the mountain on a horse’s back.

In La Romana, you can tour La Cueva de las Maravillas (Caves of Wonders, or Cave of Miracles, in English). The cave’s main attraction is represented by the ancient drawings you can admire on its walls.

Puerto Plata

The paradise city of Puerto Plata is a heaven for all types of tourists. Water sports enthusiasts find here the perfect conditions to fulfill their passion. Those who want to try their hands at am aquatic experience and explore the underground world will find in Puerto Plata professionally tailored tours.

Are you up for a deep-sea fishing excursion? Puerto Plata is the right place for it.

If you are looking for a relaxing spa day, book your spot with one of the wellness centers in Puerto Plata.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is probably the hottest tourist spot in the country. The waves are ideal for surfers, the entertainment facilities attract golf lovers, party animals as well as families.
The things to do in Punta Cana range from horse riding adventures to pampering experiences in one of the numerous spas available in the area. If you are in for some gambling, try to win the big pot in one of their casinos. No matter what type of adventure you choose, you will certainly have fun.

Located in the Northern side of the country, on the Atlantic coast, the Samana peninsula with its long white sand beaches, dense tropical vegetation like the Haitises National Park, scenic waterfalls with crystal clear waters like El Limon, perfectly suitable for a refreshing swimming break after having crossed the rainforest, picturesque fishing villages like Las Terrenas, small surrounding islands inhabited by humpback whales makes a fascinating discovery.

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How to Avoid Immigration Lines in UK



How to Avoid Immigration Lines in UK | Varnic

While travelling from one country to another keep in mind that you must have to face long queues at the airports. Because at the busiest airports there are so many people who will be travelling at one time. So, in that case, the processing uses to get slowed down most of the time due to which passengers will have to wait for hours by standing in the queues. Keep in mind that queues will not only be at the passport control infect you might have to wait for your turn at the baggage counter that might become the reason of delaying the progress and will make you wait at the airport. Here in this article, we are discussing tips and tricks that will help you to avoid immigration lines at the UK airport.

Opt to Departure from Local Airport:

The first thing that you actually can do to avoid the heavy traffic and immigration lines is to take your flights from the smaller or local airport. Keep in mind that most of the people opt to take their flights from the main and busiest airport in the country due to which these airports are crowded. Actually, by visiting the smaller airports you will get a chance to avoid having immigration lines. But even then there is a possibility that you have to face some of the traffic while passing through the immigration control. People who use to face any difficulty at the airport regarding Visa issues, immigration issues, or flight delay should prefer to contact Immigration Solicitors near you.

Prefer to Use a Biometric Passport:

Another way to avoid the immigration lines is to use a biometric passport. Keep in mind that this type of passport is recently introduced in the UK. That’s why few people will have it. And it will help you to do the investigation as quickly as possible by the immigration officer. Because all your information will be stored in the biometric chip that will be present on your passport.

Arrive at the Airport In the Midday:

Another trick that you can implement while travelling through an airport is to arrive in the middle of the day. Actually, this will help you to avoid facing immigration lines, especially at the passport counter. Actually, it will be better if you will book the return ticket, especially when you will be travelling through the major UK airport.  And make sure that you book the flight that will land at the airport between the times of 10 am to 4 pm. Actually, during these time periods, you have to face less traffic at the airport that will help you to prevent traffic.

Sit at the Front in the Waiting Area:

Another trick that you should prefer to implement for avoiding the immigration lines is to sit at the front in the waiting area. That will help you to avoid the immigration line. People who just can’t avoid arriving busy airport time should prefer to implement this trick.  This will help you to get ahead of other passengers and stand at the front of the row of immigration lines that will also help you to save much of your time.

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