Happie Curves: Redefining your Curves with Sonal Somani!



In our quest for finding our true selves, we go through a lot of realizations and moments of self-acceptance. This self-love journey begins by eliminating every doubt or negativity we hold towards ourselves and accepting our body, the way it is. (while also positively working on bettering it). And while this journey can be easy for some, there are a few others who struggle immensely. 

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We are referring to all the plus-size beauties out there who deal with body image issues because of the lack of inclusivity in society.

Firstly, there are very less brands catering to plus-size clothing, and even the ones that do, don’t really cater to this niche – meaning, the size options end at 44 inches, which should actually be the starting range for plus-size clothing. This unavailability especially in plus-size intimate wear is very inconvenient, leading them to buy from international brands. But before this, it lowers their morale, hindering their self-love journey. This fashion negligence also restricts them to wear what they wish to. 

So, to be the voice of this important issue, Sonal Somani ventured into the market with Happie Curves almost a year ago. Happie Curves is an Indian Intimate wear brand providing true, fashionable fits for the curvy. Being a plus-size goddess herself, she understands the hassles of a normal plus-size woman. Sonal also has faced her fair share of societal judgments and sarcastic comments, but luckily she is blessed with a solid support system – her family and her husband – who never fail to motivate her whenever she feels low. 

Bralette by Happie Curves

But there was one thing she realized during her Image Consulting days. Many people don’t have the kind of support system she has. They felt powerless, less confident and depressed. There are a lot of co-related problems that plus-size women face on a daily basis. Not to forget the impractical pre-conceived notions of society that also lead to body-shaming and FOMO with regards to fashion in general.

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That’s when Sonal decided to stand by her tribe and create a solution to their problem. 

Through her brand, she has already empowered thousands of women and spread the message of practicing self-love! Happie Curves serves you with a stylish range of designer lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear and swimwear for plus-size beauties, granting you an ounce of confidence with every fit. You can check this Link to try Happie Curves collection yourself.

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