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5 Foods Proven to Kill Cancer Cells Naturally



Foods Proven to Kill Cancer Cells Naturally

Yes. You heard that right. And what gives me the courage to make such a bold statement? Because I’ve beaten it – using some inexpensive food items that I got easily from my town supermarket. At a time when my oncologist had lost all hope in my deteriorating health condition. And when I was given a short life sentence of only 3 months to live. So if you’re a cancer-sufferer – of whatever type – then please know that I’ve penned this blog post just for you. Using the online information gleaned through my TDS Internet subscription, and experience.

Because as people touched by the demonic hold of cancer, we need to watch out for each other.

From One Cancer Survivor to (soon-to-be) another…

I like to consider you, my worthy reader, as family. And I’d like to spend my remaining days knowing that I’ve made a difference in the lives of other people. Such knowledge would (and does) provide me with the hope I need to carry on with my life’s journey. Because cancer, believe it or not, actually thrives on stress and despair. And I don’t mean to put this in a conversational sense.

This finding is backed up by actual science; if you’d care to search for it.

My Miracle

As I lay struggling with my particularly severe variety of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a kind fellow patient in my chemo ward offered me a book to read. Titled ‘The Anti-Cancer Diet: Reduce Cancer Risk through the Foods You Eat’ by Dr. David Khayat (2015), the volume eventually proved to be a lifesaver.

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In bold font, it listed all the kinds of foods that I was allowed to eat when taking regular chemo shots. At the same time, it identified all the common eatables which are complete ‘no, no’s’ for cancer victims. And after going through the work thoroughly, I was absolutely stunned to make sense of all the bad dietary choices that I’d been making.

Especially those that involved the foods that I had innocently considered were good for me.

Five Cancer-Fighting Foods to Start Eating TODAY!

Before you start to incorporate these foods into your regular eating plan, try to take a friend or loved one into confidence. Because as I learned from my own experience, you really need a lot of positive reinforcement when you’re struggling with this life-altering disease.

I know I couldn’t have made it through without my devoted friends by my side. The dear people (my gifts from God, actually) who did not allow me to give up when things got particularly rough. When my hair started falling out, and my mouth became a haven for fungus. And I lost all my muscle mass and weight – and became a mess which even I lost all recognition of.

So without any further ado, here are the five foods that have been proven to kill cancer cells naturally. And the great thing about them is that all of them can easily be ordered online.

  1. Leafy Greens (Spinach, Lettuce, Kale etc.)

All leafy greens, particularly in their slightly raw and cooked forms (and without any additional flavorings), reduce tumor growths. They contain an abundance of several antioxidant compounds (including the vitamins A and C) that actively fight the spread of inflammation. Two additional substances naturally found in most leafy greens, glucosinolates and isothiocyanates, have powerful tumor-suppressing properties. A quick and nutritionally-sound way of adding leafy greens to your diet is by juicing them raw.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetable Produce (Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower etc.)

In addition to being rich in isothiocyanates, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are high in glutathione. This compound is considered by many health authorities as being the body’s most powerful natural antioxidant. Glutathione not only guards cells against free radical damage, it also plays a crucial role in regenerating other ‘spent’ antioxidants. And to top it all off, this category of earthly produce comes brimming with huge amounts of Vitamin C.

  1. Fresh Berries

Berries like cranberries, blueberries and cherries have potent flavonoid and antioxidant content. These are particularly toxic to the growth drives of expanding tumor tissues. By preventing tumorous cells from forming newer incoming blood vessels, these compounds attempt to ‘starve’ them of their nutrition. The result, of course, is a noticeable decrease in tumor size. Fresh, mixed-berry smoothies are a good way to go about consuming them daily.

  1. Turmeric

The yellow spice responsible for giving Indian cuisine its smoky, earthy taste, turmeric is a real godsend for cancer patients. It has been shown, in numerous clinical trials, to exhibit strong anti-angiogenesis properties. When taking the spice, supplement it with freshly ground black pepper – preferably in a liquid.

  1. Green Tea

Green teas contain powerful catechins and bioflavonoids which give it its characteristic color and warm taste. Brewing any green tea for about an hour-and-a-half fully releases these compounds into the water. And when consumed hot, these substances go straight to the cancer sites and prevent their further growth. A 1999 health documentary titled ‘Green Tea: A Brew of Health’, watchable with a TDS Internet Plans subscription, details these benefits fully.

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So why not this Diwali give your home a touch of Gold with your favorite chocolate brand ‘Ferrero Rocher’.

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Perk up that traditional bouquet of roses as you add a little twinkle with Ferrero Rocher planted in between the flowers. One can simply never go wrong with chocolates and flowers, they are always in style!

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4 Ways to Eat Well on a Budget in UK




These days, the economy isn’t our closest friend with regards to discovering deals and this has never been more genuine when joining how much cash we have with the way that we have to eat. In any case, eating on a financial plan isn’t as troublesome as it might appear. We can demonstrate to you that you can eat well inside your budget and that the expense of sustenance doesn’t need to bust your ledger, and in a way, you numerous not have considered!

In any case, regardless of what it is confronting us today, there is a cost factor joined. What’s more, among the numerous roads while investigating cash administration, eating is up there at the best. Despite the fact that it regards have reliable transportation, a great job and a rooftop over your head, everybody gets hungry. This being valid, it is likewise evident that if you don’t eat you will lose quality, wind up powerless and trade off your extremely wellbeing. Truth be told, you could in the long incredible!

1.  Consider Takeaway Pizza:

When concentrating on eating on a budget, the main thing to address is the thing that that will cost you; in time, in exertion and in cash. That being the situation, in the event that you are investigating eating on a tight budget, where to discover food that is both dietary and inside the scope of your wallet can be an incredible test. Regardless of whether you are plotting out a course to eat on a budget for one or planning for a whole family, the shared factor is a mix of both food and esteem. It is best to consider best takeaway pizza Stockport which is reasonable.

2.  Choose the Fresh Vegetables and Fruits:

One thing that is genuine when investigating both saving cash and eating healthier is the advantages that originate from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You have to realize that eating vegetables can set aside extra cash, particularly with regards to your wellbeing. Several everyday servings of the two products of the soil can positively affect your wellbeing. Also, despite the fact that fruits and vegetables can give off an impression of being costly at the market, the cost reserve funds acknowledged from a solid way of life can affect your financial bottom line.

When searching for ways to save cash, even with spiraling human services costs, caring more for your body by eating right has the capability of saving tremendous lumps of cash by not having such a significant number of hospital expenses to pay. Actually, the familiar saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has never been more genuine! By so doing, you likewise ward off those doctor’s visit expenses, and that can signify some huge reserve funds in the cash office also!

3.  Hit the Farmers’ Markets:

Farmers markets are springing up everywhere and particularly in the mid-year can give an awesome option in contrast to market shopping. Not exclusively will you get out and appreciating the natural air and rubbing elbows with others in your locale, yet above all you will likewise be getting sublime arrangements on solid, nearby and regularly natural create. Albeit numerous neighborhood agriculturists probably won’t have the natural mark on their items, meeting them up close and personal will allow you to get some information about how they develop their nourishment. It’s conceivable that they utilize natural practices yet presently can’t seem to have gotten the official blessing.

4.  Choose Leafy Foods:

In this way, when you need to be discovered eating great inside your budget, remember the exchange off for paying some additional at the commercial center for new leafy foods and setting aside some cash in another path by remaining more advantageous. In this manner, you will likewise be maintaining a strategic distance from those expensive shots and pills and specialist bills! Keep in mind, you truly do get what you pay for!

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Satisfy your hunger for desserts with these 5 amazing cakes



Best cakes

You can never be a cake lover if you cannot go crazy for desserts. Being a cake lover makes you feel lust for a slice of cake and this feeling of having cakes or you can say of being a cake lover is just amazing so to satisfy this hunger for a cake we have come up with these amazing cakes we are going to mention below;

Just before we get to mention those cakes, we want to make you aware of the best online cake shop in Mumbai that provides same-day delivery at a reasonable price so whenever you make your mind to buy some cake go for this.

#1) Strawberry Cake

Your love for strawberries is going to achieve its destination as we have got you the very best strawberry cake that will fill you with extreme fun and your mouth with exactly what you wanted.

This amazingly delicious cake made with raw strawberries and white whipped cream gives an elegant and attractive look. The sponge and crunch of this cake make people go mad for it so if you are too willing to order this one, go with best cake delivery in Delhi to make your cake order online and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

#2) Chocolate Cake

This three-layered amazing chocolaty cake is going to make you experience the heaven. This cake has three layered that are made with chocolate and flour sponge, all these three layers are covered with thick chocolate cream that makes people mouth-watered. All entire body of the cake is covered with chocolate cream that makes it much creamier than any other ordinary chocolate cake.

This chocolate cake will surely satisfy your hunger for a delicious cake so order this cake now from the best cake delivery in Ghaziabad that will also give you same day delivery.

#3) Lemon Pound Cake

This amazing pound cake will surely bring you the satisfaction you need. Its amazing spongy base and white cream above it is making this cake a perfect one to fill you with extreme fun and happiness.

A slice of this cake will make you feel the true value of being a cake lover, this sweetie cake is just amazing when you eat this, it smells amazing and its texture draws people towards this for sure. Get this cake now.

#4) Banana Cake

This banana cake is quite different from an ordinary banana cake as it is not a perfect cake but great in taste. This crunchy cake with a thick layer of cream above makes it the perfect treat for your love of cakes. This cake also has great health benefits because it is made with banana so do not wait for anything and get it now.

#5) Marble Cake

Marble cake is a combination cake of chocolate and vanilla with white whipped cream. This is an amazingly delicious cake, which is enough to satisfy your hunger for a perfect cake. It is the last one we are mentioning, but not the least at all.

You can consider it a combination or a fusion that taste yummy and smells great that draw you towards this.

Final thoughts

All these cakes we mentioned above are delicious and can satisfy your hunger for a perfect cake but to be honest, all these are just amazing and you should try all these at least one. you will get fond of these immediately. Hope you loved the post!

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