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Extraordinary Places in the world to visit



  • Uyuni


Uyuni is situated in southwest Bolivia. Uyuni is popularly known for its Salt production. Salar contains a large amount of sodium, lithium, potassium, and magnesium. Salar De Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat country. It has magnificent sunset and sunrise with reflections in the water. There are many fascinating places to visit in Uyuni such as Salar De Uyuni, Uyuni salt flats, Ilsa Incahuasi, Siloli Desert, Laguna canapa, palacayo old mines, cultural tour, volcano tumupa and desert adventure.

  • The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges is located in Northern Ireland. The tunnel structure formed by trees is becoming the avenue to tourist attraction. The Hedges is popularly known as the ghost visited by called “Grey Lady”. This location is also used in popular television series “Games of Thrones”. One should visit the fabulous Norman castles, Giant’s Causeway and shore excursions Belfast while visiting The Dark Hedges.

  • Longsheng Rice Terrace

Longsheng Rice Terrace

Longsheng Rice Terrace situated in Guangvi, Chain. Longsheng rice terrace is popular for its rice production. Rice terraces resemble like dragon’s scales. Longsheng region is surrounded by gorgeous lush green and mountain areas. There are many graceful places to visit with Longsheng rice terrace, longji mountain, mutianyu great wall, Beijing city, dragon’s backbone rice terraces, Jin Zhu Zhuang, nationality village longsheng hot spring.

  • Cano Cristales

Extraordinary Places in the world to visit | Varnic

Cano Cristales is situated in Colombian. The river is popularly known as “River of Five Color” or the “Liquid Rainbow”. The bed of the river at the end of July through November is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black and especially red. Things to do while traveling Cano Cristales are Parque Nacional Natural, sierra de la, Macarena and El caporal. This “River of Five Color” is a magnificent and main attraction for tourists.

  • Kuril Island

Kurli Island

Kuril island situated in Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. Habitats on the island include many kinds of magnificent beach and rocky shores, cliffs wide rivers, fast gravelly streams, forests, grasslands alpine tundra, crater lakes and peat bogs.

While traveling to Kuril island there are marvelous places to visit in this trip, one can witness the fascinating beauty of kurilskiy state nature reserve, volcano Baransky, cape edge of the world, Tyatya volcano, severo- Kurilsk museum of local lore and eco path Yuzhno- kurilsk.

  • Grand Prismatic Spring


Grand Prismatic Spring is situated in Yellowstone National Park, United States. Grand prismatic spring is glorious for its striking natural coloration in the water. The spring water reflects the rainbow color red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The deep blue color of the water in the center of the pool result from the peculiar blue water of water. The effort is energetic in the center of the spring, because of its sterility and depth.

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