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Most Dangerous water in the world



Lake Kivu Image MIT Technology

  • Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the great African lake situated between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. The lake is poor in fauna but actually rich in volcanic substance. Even the slightest earthquake may cause a huge explosion capable of evaporating over 2 million people living around Kivu lake.

Most Dangerous water in the world | Varnic

  • Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is popularly known as “Sea of Hoces” which is located between South America’s Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. Despite being so cold and deep the Drake is actually teeming with wildlife. The Drake Passage is the roughest, coldest and most unforgiving waters on the planet earth. The passage is considered a veritable ship cemetery for boats.

Most Dangerous water in the world | Varnic

  • Dominica Boiling Lake

Dominica Boiling lake is known as world’s second largest boiling lake having weird greyish- blue acidic surrounded by an eternal cloud of hot vapor. The lake is constantly bubbling. It is situated in the Marne Trois Pitons, National Park Dominica. Swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited even if there are no characteristic bubbles on its surface because boiling starts in a matter of seconds.

Most Dangerous water in the world | Varnic

  • Blue Hole, Dahab

The Blue Hole is possibly the most unsafe place for diving in the world as it possesses a 400-foot-deep cape located on the Southeast Sinai a few kilometer North of Dahab, Egypt. Blue Hole at Dahab is believed to be the far most dangerous and deadliest dive site the world.

Most Dangerous water in the world | Varnic

  • Lake Natron

Lake Natron is located in Tanzania. The lake is extremely salty and the water temperature rises up to 120-degree F (50 C) in certain places which makes it unfit for habitat. The high level of evaporation leaves harmful compound such as natron (sodium carbonate) and strona. Lake Natron is popularly known as “Dead-End Lake” which means that the lake doesn’t drain into any river or sea.

Most Dangerous water in the world | Varnic

  • Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is located in the USA and is also a part of five great lakes of North America. Lake Michigan is known for its consistent high temperature. The lake is a real danger due to its sudden forming currents that according to some sources take several dozens of lives each year.

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