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Choosing The Perfect Toe Ring For Yourself



Choosing The Perfect Toe Ring For Yourself | Varnic

So, toe rings it is then. Let us talk a bit about it. You must have seen your mom or your aunts fashion these beautiful pieces of rings in their toes from time to time. But when you asked whether you can wear them or not, it was always a strict no.

Well, it was because the toe rings are considered to be the signs of a woman’s marital status. That is why girls are not allowed to wear it until they are married.

Ever since you tied the knot, we know that you have been wondering about these traditional toe rings. Well, it is definitely your time now so go ahead and buy some for yourself.

There are so many amazing designs and options to choose from. Whether it is in an anklet form or just your simple toe ring, it is quite fascinating what a simple piece of toe jewelry can do to enhance the beauty of the feet.

For you, we have some of the best examples of toe rings to try out. Why not have a look and decide for yourself.

Some Beautiful Pieces Of Toe Rings For The Indian Brides

Jewelry has always been pretty important for Indian women. From neck pieces to earrings, we are very particular about it. Same is the case with the toe rings as well. With numerous design options and trends, we are sure that you are wondering what to get. Well, help is right here when you need it. Choose from these amazing options.

  • Silver Toe Rings

One of the trendiest and the most popular types of toe rings would have to be the silver ones. We are talking about the cultural, spiritual, and ethnic significance here. The minimal design on the silver toe ring means that it will go with every single outfit that you have in your closet. Fashion one of these with your skirts and jeans to have the perfect traditional looks. If that doesn’t take people’s attention out there, we don’t know what will.

  • Golden Toe Rings

When it comes to the unique toe rings, the golden options are the ones to go for. Symbolizing Goddess Lakshmi, the golden option for the toe rings are all imitations. Since you will not be able to wear actual gold below your waist because it is disrespectful, there are golden imitations for that. Most brides fashion these toe rings during their wedding, Mehendi functions and so much more. The sheer beauty of the piece would just make you stop and look at it in wonder.

  • Toe Ring Anklets

While you are out there selecting the best pieces for yourself, make sure that you have a look at the toe ring anklets out there. This is another one of the stylish and impressive types of toe rings. Remember those hand harnesses that you like so much? Well, think of the toe ring anklets as the harness for your toes. One thing is for sure when you choose these anklets. You will look absolutely mesmerizing for sure. No wonder that these pieces go with anything these days.

  • Three Fingered Options

There are some other traditional options for the rings for the toes. Have you ever seen a three-fingered one? Well, most of the ladies in the country don these beautiful pieces that highlight the beauty of their feet in the best way possible. You need to try it as well if you want to look absolutely perfect.

So, there you have it, ladies. These are some of the most exquisite options for the rings that you wear in your toes. Choose from them and forever seal your traditional look.

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