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Checklist of Hiking Essentials for your Upcoming Adventure




Packing the hiking gear is an integral part of your adventure trip. There are plenty of hiking essentials that you need to pack before going on an adventure trip. Before packing each item, you should know why you need that piece of gear.

If you are going on your first trip, some items might be tough to decide whether you need them or they can be left at home. This post shares the checklist of hiking essentials that every camper should pack before going on an adventure trip.


Backpack and bag

You will carry all your stuff in a bag on your back while walking up and down on the mountains. The size and comfort of your backpack are also essential to consider. It should be big enough to pack all your essential hiking gear and comfortable enough to carry it for hours on your back. It is also necessary to take a rain cover with you to protect your bag in the rain. Some backpacks come with a built-in rain cover.

Hiking ClothesHiking clothes

It is essential to know what kind of clothing you need to carry with you on your hiking trip. Carry a pair of trekking pants that have additional pockets for keeping phones, tissues, money and other hiking gear. You should carry at least two pairs of thermal top and bottom innerwear to keep you warm on the slopes.

A pair of nightwear is enough for two days hiking trip, but you should carry more while going on a four to five days trip. Don’t forget to carry at least three pairs of socks and underwear. The outerwear should include the waterproof jackets and pants. Usually, the climate is cold in the mountains; therefore, it is essential to carry the warm jackets and pants. The outer layer of clothing should be waterproof to protect you from the winds and rains.


You should wear the hiking footwear for your adventure trip that is different from regular footwear. Buy a pair of durable and comfortable hiking shoes that support the feet on the uneven surfaces. If your ankles are weak or vulnerable to sprains, you should get a pair of high ankle boots for proper support.

Water bottle and purifier

Finding fresh water in some areas may be difficult. So it is essential to carry a water bottle packed with purified water. Also, you should carry a portable water purifier with you so that you can refill your bottle from a source and purify it before drinking. Water bottle with filter for travel is necessary.

First aid kit
First aid kit

Hiking and camping trips involve a lot of dangers, and you can experience an injury any time. Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit that contains all the painkillers, antiseptics, bandages, anti-flu powder and antibiotics. You never know when you may have an injury or flu as the climate is usually cold and hiking trips are full of dangers. Also, pack an anti-snake bike serum in your first aid kit as snakes are everywhere on the slopes.

Food for hiking

You should carry some army ration packs food to snack during the breaks. If you are going on a weeklong camping trip, you need to take a stove and utensils to prepare your food. Carry the raw food materials according to the number of people going on the trip. Also pack some snicker bars, granola bars and potato chips in your camping food.

Sanitizer Gel

You might find water in some locations, but not in every place.  A sanitizer gel helps you to sanitize your hands while snacking or having your food. Get a good quality sanitizer gel and soap strips so that you can use them to wash your face and hands. You can use soap strips where there is the availability of water.

Multi-tool Device
Muti Tool

A multi-tool device contains a Knife, a bottle opener, a cane cutter, a screwdriver and other essential tools that come in handy when you are on your adventure trip. You need such tools while installing a tent, opening the canned foods and for many other tasks.

A multipurpose Knife

A sharp and durable Knife made of hard steel is essential to cut the branches of trees, cut the wood for a fire. You also need it to cut the food packages such as tins and cans. You may also need it while installing your tent.

Camping Tent
camping tent

Don’t forget to carry the camping tent that you will need to rest and sleep after a full day of adventure. Look out for a high quality and lightweight tent that can accommodate all the members and your camping gear.

Final Words

There are many items that are important for carrying on a hiking trip. We have mentioned only the most essential items in this post, that every hiker or camper should pack in their backpack before leaving for an adventure tour.

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