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Buy the Best Men’s Wedding Bands & Follow the Wedding Fashion Rules for Grooms



Buy the Best Men’s Wedding Bands & Follow the Wedding Fashion Rules for Grooms | Varnic

Most men believe in dressing up casually and they have no clue as to how to present themselves on their big day. Grooms must make sincere efforts at looking as dashing and glamorous as their brides. You must keep in mind that as the bridegroom, all eyes would be on you and you need to look your very best on your wedding day. If you are wondering what to wear, you could start chilling out as we have already got you covered. You simply need to follow a few fashion rules to look stylish and distinguished when you are taking your vows. Let us explore the basic Wedding Fashion rules for the bridegrooms.

Your Tux or Suit Must Match the Formality

At a very basic level, you must concentrate on the appropriateness of your wedding attire to the venue and see if your wedding attire actually complements the overall vibe and ambiance. Suppose your wedding is taking place outdoors or in the daytime, you could afford to wear something less formal like a well-fitted khaki suit in lighter color tones. Suppose, the big event is wholly an evening affair in a swanky hotel or a ballroom, you need to be extremely well-dressed and formal. Choose a perfectly tailored dark-colored tux or a suit. You may consider wearing an exclusive black suit with a white shirt, and a dazzling white bow-tie for the ultimate in formal dressing to match the plush venue.

Your Wedding Attire Must Be Well-Coordinated with Your Partner’s

Remember that your wedding celebration is the most special occasion in your life to flaunt your style and attitude as a couple. Therefore, make it truly a joint effort. She may not be revealing everything about her bridal gown but at least, discuss your plans briefly just to see if your plans are clashing or working together. After all, you do not want any wedding dressing mistakes to mar the once in a lifetime celebration for you.  It would be a major fashion mistake if the bride comes dressed in a gorgeous ball gown and you end up dressed in a casual lightweight linen suit instead of a classic black tuxedo. It is better to discuss well in advance so that there are no hitches and you look both color and style coordinated on your Big Day. Some other interesting combos that really work are a stream-lined sophisticated gown with a gray slim-cut suit or a lace gown with a complementary well-tailored, perfect-fit tan suit.

Your Body Type Must Dictate the Wedding Suit You Choose

It is crucial to look sharp by dressing according to your precise body type. If you are slim and tall, most suits and tuxedos would look perfect and are just right for your frame. If you are considering adding bulk, you may wear a nice double-breasted suit that would surely make you look slightly broader and truly impressive. If you wish to create a slimming effect, you may choose a well-fitted suit with a slight nip in your waist for giving the impression of a really lean silhouette. Stick to darker colors for enhancing the slimming look. You may also choose a two-buttoned or a three-buttoned jacket having a low-button stance for elongating the body.

Your Accessories Must Make You Stand Apart from the Rest

You must wear the right wedding band to complement your attire. If you are wearing a black formal suit, it is best to follow the current trend of wearing a black wedding band. Gold, white gold, silver, rose gold, and platinum has been the top choice for wedding bands for men since time immemorial but 2018 has completely revolutionized the wedding band scenario by introducing the tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten has today taken the center stage as far as the wedding jewelry scenario is concerned. Browse through for an extensive and exclusive selection of wedding bands for men.

You must focus on your accessories and concentrate on the slightest details to create a completely unique and stunning look. You could consider spicing up things by flaunting a special bow tie or a boutonniere, necktie, vest, or even cufflinks in a slightly different style or color for accentuating the look. Suppose your wedding palette comprises two basic colors, you may flaunt one of the chosen colors while all the other guys must come dressed in the other color. To create a luxurious affair, all the groomsmen must wear a tux including a black vest and a black bow tie while you as a groom must come dressed in a black tuxedo with a white vest and a white tie for creating a unique look.

Focus on Perfect Fit

You must appreciate that even an exclusive and expensive tuxedo would look terrible if it does not fit your frame perfectly. Make sure that while wearing the tux, you are able to raise your arm, move around, twist, and turn effortlessly and that there is quite a lot of mobility for flaunting your dancing abilities. Irrespective of whether you are renting or purchasing the wedding suit, all shops would be customizing the wedding attire. Here are some of the fundamental tailoring rules:

  • The sleeves of the jacket must necessarily fall at your wrist bone with approximately one half or one-fourth of the cuff of the shirt showing below the jacket sleeves.
  • The jacket’s bottom hem must necessarily cover your butt. The vent must not pull open and suppose it does then the jacket is not of your fit and is too tight for your frame.
  • The collar must look flat all over without any bulges or gaps.
  • Trousers must fit comfortably while sitting and standing and they must cover your shoes’ top one-third.
  • A bow tie must necessarily fit snugly around your collared-shirt.


On your most special day, be sure to avoid any dressing mistakes. Keep in mind all the above-discussed fashion rules.  Moreover, do not forget that your overall look must coordinate nicely with your attendants. According to the tradition, the groomsmen generally are supposed to wear the same outfit as the bridegroom. However, in modern times, everything is up to your preference.  Even though, you do not want all of them to come dressed just like you, at least make sure that their outfits complement yours in terms of feel and style.

Andrew Thompson is a jewelry designer and He loves to write guest blogs for many fashion portals. Andrew recommends to his readers for wedding band shopping.

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