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Best Ways To Be Kind To Others



Kindness is the most important thing in a human being life. If you are kind to others they are always going to remember you for your kindness and your grace. If you are rich, poor or beautiful nothing matter, what left behind you is your kindness.
We only want people to be kind to us which will in end always give you some positive vibes.
There are different studies and research which are taken under the different platform and only states one statement that there is a direct relationship between kindness and happiness. If you kind to someone, in return they need to be kind with you and ultimately positive vibes will convert into happiness and clear mind. More kind you will be towards others, the happier you will be.
So, if you want to be a kinder person and always wanted to feel happier for a long way, try some of the points which will help you to achieve it.

Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts -

To be always kind to other you need to change your thought process from negativity to positive thoughts. Always talk positive and try to be good for everyone. Try to make other happy just because of your good behavior and nice talks. Like if you like something never be afraid to give a positive compliment to them, but always beware not to flatter too much about it.

Don’t curse

Don't curse-

Never say anything bad, rude or vulgar with anyone that definitely don’t feel good as well as doesn’t look good. If people see you getting angry or behaving very bad with others, they’ll get your negative vibes and just don’t want to be with you. If in future you want to angry at someone, do it in your mind and just pass a smile with the person you want to be rude.

Treat People Like You Want To Be Treated

Treat People Like You Want To Be Treated-

The simple rule for this is if you are nice with anyone they will treat you in the same manner and if you are a horrible person with worse behavior and negative thoughts no one will like your company, as well as no one, will treat you well. There may be some point you may get stuck with a person who is just unbearable and very nasty, so this time also you need to show your kindness and start killing that person with your helpfulness and kindness.


It is the best medicine for all your sadness and illness. If you can meditate for half an hour day you will always be having control on your emotion and words. You will be able to manage all your situation very easily without facing any trouble. Meditation will also help you to be calm and kind to each and every person who is even so pathetic and not easy to handle.
In initial phases, it will very hard to concentrate in meditation for even few seconds, but as soon as you will start practicing it by your willpower, in few weeks you will be able to meditate for more than 30 Minutes.

Try to think from others perspective


Before speaking anything, think from another person perspective how he/she is going to think and feel if I say something bad. Always try everything for yourself and then if you feel good you can ask other the same. We are our best judge, with just small imagination we can have our answer that if the same thing will happen to us what will be out the reaction and its actions against it.

Be Polite


Always be polite and be conscious by giving respect to everyone. Respect can be given in any way, small gestures like a gentleman, polite and mannered talks are always a sign of positive thinking and positive vibes. Always be polite it will make your mind fresh and at the end will make you happy.
So, at the end, if you guys gonna follow some of these simple points you can be the happiest person in your own life. If will going to enhance your productivity in work as well as more and more people will attract towards your thoughts.

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How to Stop Over Thinking

Ankita Gupta




A human brain nearly generates about 70,000 thoughts per day. Have you ever tried to analyze what exactly these thoughts are all about? Are they helping you live the life you want to live or do you feel unsatisfied with your life?

So, here I am going to discuss some of the points which might help you out to overcome with overthinking.

  • Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a critical part to stop overthinking. One should be aware of what’s going on their head. Most of the people never realize that they are having negative thoughts most of the time. They just pretend everything around them are ok!

If you thinking too much or you are making negative thoughts most of the time, they admit that fact and start working on it. Bring a change in your thought process or you won’t be able to change anything.  The basic part of your self-improvement is being with your self-acceptance.

Make it clear to yourself what exactly you want to have in your life. Your thought process is in your hands only. If you keep on generate negative thoughts you will attract negativity around you. Now If you want to make a real change in your life start to identify your thoughts and analysis them.

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You can identify and analyze your thoughts by two simple steps

  1. Maintain a thought journal

Writing your thoughts is the best way to identify your thoughts. As they come up write down the most of the noticeable. It will help you to keep track of your thoughts. It will help you to analyze what exactly is going on in your mind. It will become a lot easier to make the change you want to make.

  1. Use the meditation technique

Meditation will help you get what you want not just because it is good for you. It helps your mind to distract less and increase the power of one’s concentrations. One should at least do mediation daily for 10 minutes.

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  • Focus on one thing at a time

Be aware the thinks do you as you go on about your day not getting caught up in everything else. We even waste our precious time in thinking about unnecessary things. It is great to try new things. When you feel like you are thinking about unnecessary thoughts go outside breath the fresh air, pay attention to your nearby environment. Force your mind to become a present thinker and live the moments. To avoid negative thoughts one can adopt different activities of their choice such as painting, sketching, creating your own idea, playing sports.

Forcing your mind to engage your mind will not engage of its own you have to perform as well.

  • Separate yourself from your thoughts

Train your mind to identify your thoughts. Being to think that thoughts inside your head are a voice which you can control and share. Use your thinking to help you just be productive and get closer to your goals.

Just be aware of a negative thought change it into something that helps you grow instead of something that holds you back. One should constantly redirect your stream of your thoughts and reshape your thoughts and at the end take control of your thought process and achieve your goals.

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How to Boost your Creativity Power

Ankita Gupta




Creativity gives a person the power of inventing new ideas,  experimenting those new ideas, breaking the limitations and create their own world and growth. Creativity is all about taking the risk , try to think without obligations, making mistakes as well.

Basically having fun with your life but staying creative can be hard too. As, people have to face many difficult situations, unfriendly environment, criticism on their creative ideas.

 Most of the people make fun and laugh at your creativity. The basic problem doesn’t lie in the creative ideas of a person, the basic problem lies with those people who cannot see the vision behind one’s creativity.

Six effective ways to boost your creativity power

  • Write freely

One of the most important thing to boost creativity power is to note done your ideas. Writing done your ideas help you to work on your ideas later. As studies show human brain can remember (retain) an idea or knowledge only for few minutes after that they simply forget about it. If you don’t note down your ideas somewhere you have more chances of the loss your creativity.

  • Carry a journal or dairy

You must carry a  journal or a dairy all the time as you never know when something amazing might happen or you got a new creative idea from anywhere. You can capture that idea in that journal. So, it will help you to work on it later.

  • Change the soundtrack

Another thing which might help a lot to think clearly is the soft music or soundtrack. As soft music or soundtracks help you to keep your mind and Heart clam and give you inner peace. If you have inner peace of your mind and heart it will help you to think clearly. Thinking clearly in an important aspect of one’s creative ideas

  • Take a nap at daytime

Studies show that if a person takes a nap at 1 pm to 3 pm in the daytime, it will help to boost your cognition. You might wake up with a great idea. It also helps to think faster.

  • Add some colour to your life

The green colour is the symbol of creativity. Green promotes creativity. As for thinking one needs a clear and friendly environment. Green colour your greenery also help one in their  thought process

  • Leave your house

Leaving your house doesn’t mean that you really have to pack your luggage and get out of your house. It simply means that if you want to get new ideas then we need to explore or need to work or search for inspiration for yourself. Studies show that coffee shop chatter can actually help you to focus.

One must try the above ways to boost their creative power. If you really want to use your brain effectively and improve your thought process. I personally recommend everyone who wants to utilise it’s brain and creativity power effectively, create something amazing and wonderful.

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Goals are the Fuel of Human Life to Chase Dreams

Ankita Gupta




Well, have you ever thought about your goals or how you are going to achieve anything in your life? Why even goals are important have you ever try to ask this question to yourself.  All the people who are reading this article must have some sort of things they want to achieve in their life. It can be anything whether you want to become rich, want to have fame, wants to get slim, or wants to enjoy your life to the fullest. Let me clear the picture first these are not goals they are just the illusion of your dreams.

Just wishing to get slim and rich is not enough to get those dreams to become your reality. To become rich or slim you need to set the goals and make up the plan to achieve that goal so that you will able to bring your dream into reality. To achieve anything you need goals.

Types  of goals

  • Small goals

Small goals are the beginning stage of any dream. In this part, a person makes the plan that how he or she can chase their dream into reality. Setting small goals help to achieve big goals can make a solid mountain as walkable like a hill too. Small goals come in the category of 3 to 4 months. Goals will help you to measure your progress.

  • Midterm goals

Mid team goals help us to measure our progress towards our goals. Midterm goals are the backbone of our dreams usually having a period of 6 months. For example, if you dream is to become slim you decide to become slim or reduce your weight is just a dream for now, but to make a plan to reduce it that what we call goal. You will make a diet plan, go to gym and exercise according to your gym trainer. This is your small goal as you are going to start this routine on daily basis and you continue this plan or routine for  5 to 6 months. You will starting feeling a change in your body. Likewise happen in any kind off you dream first you have to decide and plan and you have to work upon it to get positive results.

  • Big goals

To achieve big goals you have to set small goals first. As big goals take time to come into reality before achieving the big goals one have to plan and achieve small goals first. If you never set the small goals how will you be able to achieve your big goals.

Working on goals is not easy work. It will consume your time, energy, determination. You have to put your all to bring to your dreams into reality by setting your goals and working upon it. It will take time but you will definitely get positive results. So, choose wisely and be committed to bring your goals into reality because time never comes back.

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