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Best Things You Should Do In Hong Kong



Hing Kong City

Hong Kong is one thrilling and an idiosyncratic city with a capacity of about 7 million people. From the moment you arrive in Hong Kong, you will notice very energetic folks who are extremely vibrant.

An endless string of things to do for your own pleasure eagerly awaits you. Skylines and landmarks that are worth being photographed, numerous street markets to maneuver, boats and ferries await you.
With its expansive land and fascinating physical features, you can’t manage to visit and do all the things in Hong Kong.
However, there are some amazing things you can’t miss to do in Hong Kong as mentioned below.
Check the Scenery from Victoria Peak
This is considered as the cities’ popular attraction. It is one thing you can’t afford to miss to do on your tour to Hong Kong.
The peak is 1805 feet high. With such a height the peak exposes you the massive breathtaking sceneries of Hong Kong Victoria harbor, Kowloon, and islands.
Many methods are used to go up to the peak, but the most memorable one is the 7-minute ride using the Peak Tram, which is the steepest funicular railway under the sun.
Visitors to this iconic landscape argue that the best climbing experience is during the day while others say that the best enjoyment comes at night. Have a personal trip to the Victoria peak for your own judgment.
Hire a Junk Boat
The most famous activity of the locals in Hong Kong is leasing a junk boat and goes for leisure on weekends.
The junk boat can be likened to the Chinese fishing boats only that for the junk boat it is motorized. Whether you’re a visitor or the local citizen, this is one activity you can never miss to indulge in.
The Castelo concepts give you 7-hour motor rides accompanied by food and open bar. These motorized junk boats can accommodate up to 14 grownups (about $1, 260).
There is also the tramway’s 8-hour rent service which is cheaper than Castelo concept by almost half the price.
Going for a ride on a junk boat is a marvelous technique of enjoying your trip to Hong Kong as you will see the massive waters and have a look at the off the beaten path.
Go Shopping
Hong Kong’s vibrant street markets are involved in selling nearly everything you can imagine to buy in the world.
Ladies market is rich installs merchandising clothes and accessories.
The famous temple street night market sells anything you want to purchase. Cat Street is popular for selling second-hand items.
Visit a Spa to Be Pampered
Hong Kong is well supplied with energy and the locals here know the value and the essence of having some time to relax your body. This is evident because of the numerous spas in the cities.
In the corridors of the market, you will get shops offering traditional soothing massage.
This is the right place for you to take a traditional Hong Kong massage before you leave.
Massage parlors are all over with professional masseuses that are charmingly beautiful. You will find yourself booking a 20-minute massage session.
When you get off the street and market massage shops, you will get classic and high-end spas found in magnificent hotels; it’s argued that they are the best globally.
The oriental spa found at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, home to Bastian Gonzalez pedicure and The Peninsula spa, where you will enjoy rooms facing the Victoria Harbor as you’re massaged.

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