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Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions & Culture




Hinduism is considered one of the oldest active religion in the world. It’s a unique religion with many aspects. India is a land of different languages, beliefs, and culture. As you go from one state to another, you will witness a change in language and culture among them. These are the prominent features that make us ‘Hindustani’.

Have you ever thought about why do Indian follow such traditions well it’s ok, if you don’t know about it yet? We will be talking about the amazing scientific reasons behind Indian culture. Here are some of the scientific reasons behind Indian tradition and culture that we follow:

  1. Namaste

namaste greetings

Namaste represents a greet to elders by joining both palms together. It is traditional Indian greeting and also a gesture which marks respect, love and reverence for the elders we greet.

So why do we greet people in this particular way?

There is a well know scientific fact behind it, the tips of the fingers are major energy points when we bring together the palms of our fingers linking the tips of our fingers then the Nerve circuits of the brain are linked to those of upper body. It brings a feeling of the calmness and well-being immediately descends.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Namaste Varnic

Surya represents the sun and namaskar represent the salutation and it a set of 12 dynamic exercises. Surya namaskar improves the breathing capacity and fills one with the feeling of endurance and exhilaration. Furthermore, it helps us to utilize the morning time efficiently.

  1. Charan Sparsh

charan sparsh

According to Indian tradition while greeting to our elder people touch the feet of the elders and when the elders touch the head of the person in return that gesture is considered as a blessing from an elder. There is an exchange of energy, self-confidence, one experience an inner glow in this process.

  1. Fasting


The human body contains toxic material by fasting we help to cleanse the body by detoxifying it and regulate body functioning. It also helps to cut down the intake of acids thus regulation stress and hysteria.

  1. Wearing Bangles


Bangles were traditionally made of gold and silver. Wearing bangles on the wrist part of one’s hand is not just to show other people that a woman is married but it provides consistent friction between the bangles and the wrist area ensured good blood flow level. These metals also helped to absorb energy, which was then transmitted to the body improving physiological functioning.

  1. Bells in the Temple


Traditional Indian worship always started with the ringing of the bell. According to Indian purans there is a saying ‘Aagamartanthu devaanaam gamanartanthu raakshasan kurve gantarvam thatra devadahwana lakshanam’ meaning ‘I start my worship ringing the bell praying that the divine may enter me and all demonic forces within or without depart’.

The scientific reason behind it when we rung the bell there was a resonation which created an immediate harmony between the right and left lobes of the brain. This sound of the bell creates an instant calm increasing the powers of concentration helping you to focus clearly.

  1. Applying Mehendi on hands and feet


Beautiful Mehendi drawn on intricate patterns on the hands and feet of the bride. Why do we apply Mehendi? Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful, there is a scientific reason behind this. Applying mehndi helps to cool the body, down fever, headaches and keeps the nerves from becoming tense.

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