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9 Secrets to Memorize things Quickly

Ankita Gupta




We learn a lot from things throughout our life but we don’t know everything because we forget most of the information what we have learned. Have you ever thought about it why this does happen to us? The bright side of these secrets that it will help you to memorize everything by which one can remember things in a much better way.

Why we forget things or what makes us forget the information? Our brain is like a hard drive with limited space in it. Brain protects from overloading irrelevant information that’s why all the new data is stored in short-term memory. So, if you don’t repeat it or use it on daily, weekly or monthly basis you will forget it very quickly.          

9 simple tips to memorize things quickly

  • Try to understand

The most crucial part of memorizing is tried to understand what you learn. You usually learn much new information but you don’t always understand it meaning. Another bad thing about learning something is that you don’t understand if you forget some part of that particular information you will not able to continue because you only memorize the order of words, not their actual meaning. Read the entire piece of information, try to understand its actual meaning and write down or prepare notes in your own words or language.

  • Learn the most necessary information

If you feel like you have too much information to learn about then set your priorities correctly. Decide what you would like to learn more according to your interest, every piece of information is not just related to textbooks or until the exam time only. So, focus on necessary information.

  • Serial position effect

Serial position effect helps one to sort the information in different parts.

For example, if you are preparing for the exam then which part of the information you should study in the starting phase, in middle phase and which study of information in the end. It helps you to figure the information out for you.

  • Interference theory

Switch your attention from one topic to another from one activity to another. This theory will help you to calm down and you can continue with the information after few minutes again. I recommend one should take a break before starting something new.

  • Learn opposite things

Opposite are easily remembered especially in pairs. What you can do is to gather the information in pairs or connecting to each other. Make notes of it and repeat it.

  • Build your own mind palace

One must build their own mind palace. Build your own mind palace helps you to store relevant and limited information only which actually is of your use. For example, you can memorize your room and its thing. By this technique even if your eyes are closed still you can remember where your stuff is put up in your room. Same with the information part also. You can always go to your mind palace in search of information stored in it.

  • Makeup stories

If you need to memorize a lot of information in particular order try to put the piece into a story form. It is important that all the pieces are connected to each other. If you accidentally forget something you can always recall what was supposed to happen next to the story.

  • Use voice recorder feature on your smartphone

Well, friends, we are living in the 21st century where we use many gadgets and technology. The best way to memorize any information is just by making a record of that information. If you are in lecture, seminars etc just record that information make a voice recording. By this, you can use the voice recorder anytime for re-listen to the information and work on it later too.

  • Choose only the best materials

Don’t use outdated books and methods for leaning information. Just don’t waste your time in that use your laptop and search for the latest information regarding your topic.

Ankita Gupta is a young, dynamic, aspiring Entrepreneur and a writer too. Ankita is a travel enthusiast as she loves exploring new places , people and possibilities as well as new creative ideas and art work.. Motive in Life: To motivate people to achieve their goals and success.

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Why Your Mindset Is Everything

Ankita Gupta




Have you ever test your mindset? Well, your mindset will determine if you will make it or not. Would you be able to bring your dreams into reality or able to achieve your goals or not? Your mindset will determine if you will be remembered or forgotten. Your mindset will determine whether you will be committed to achieving your goals.

There is no doubt that your greatest asset is your mindset. It is worth more than any financial or business training. It is more valuable than any degree or any education. You will be capable of earning more in one year other than any doctor, lawyer and an investor just by your mindset. If your mindset say’s “I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals or dreams”. If that is your mindset, then, of course, you will follow through. There is no greater asset than our own mind. Every day we all have given many choices.

Take the easy road or the road uphill that leads to success. Obviously, the road uphill track is challenging, it is not going to be easy. Yes, it is tough and it will push you to your limits but in pushing you to your limits you will also find if you gather your courage together, you will push you past your perceived limitations to growth and success. You see nothing worthwhile in this life comes easily.

If it is easy to clear mindset than “Everybody would do it” but the fact is that “Everybody doesn’t do it”. Most of the people don’t do it because it is hard, takes the pain to work upon one’s goals. One of the greatest factors of today’s world is that the standards are set by their peers and family members. Those people lack the courage in themselves to follow their dreams or goals. Because of their weak mindset, these people are stuck on the easy road, in the end, this easy road becomes the hard road for them. The easy choices they have made in the beginning leads to tough moments later in life. Nothing about the easy road is beneficial on a long-term basis.

3 simple questions to ask yourself before creating your mindset

  • Are you willing to achieve your goal?

Your mindset will determine if you fight for your goals, your dream, and your vision. Your mindset will determine whether you are among the 5% who didn’t give up. The 5% who employ the 95% of the people that give up.

  • Do you think you have what it takes to achieve your goals?

Do you think or believe in yourself that you would be able to fight for your goals and takes all the pain to achieve it? Would you be able to fight with every obstacle to get what you want?

  • Are you going to give up or have you got some fight left in you?

If you burn the bridges eliminate all possible forms of retreat. If there is no plan B in your life, only your main plan A you will achieve that which you want.

If you sacrifice now you will enjoy the benefits for many tomorrows. Stop taking the easy road, they aren’t going to bring what exactly you want to form your life.

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Top 8 Books you must read before you die

Ankita Gupta




75% of the self-made millionaires read at least 2 to 3 books in a month. One average CEO read 60 books in a year. Books help to increase one’s knowledge and wisdom. For example, Bill Gates reads one book in a week and Warne Buffet read at least 600 to 1000 pages on daily basis. If you focus on the common habit of these millionaires you will found out is their reading habit. They all know that “The more you learn the more you earn”.  Reading not only helps to earn more but it also helps to increase focus, concentration power, and intelligence too. It helps to reduce one’s stress and increase happiness too. 1% of the people always learn from books and from their mentors. If you want to be successful in your life then start reading as many books as you can.

  1. Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker Varnic

Managing oneself is written by Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker is a management consultant, a teacher and an author too. His books are used in management course worldwide. By this book, Peter Drucker wants to gives a very strong message to us how can we use our own best version by managing our important asset which is us only.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich dad poor dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki which is the best self-help book. It creates a positive impact on one’s thinking. In this book, Robert Kiyosaki gives us the important financial advice by telling his own story having two dads. His real dad, who was a professor, was poor on the other hand, His friend’s dad who is like a father to him who was rich. Basically, he learned from both of them.

  1. Start with why

Start with why by Simon Sinek

Start with why is written by Simon Sinek. Most of the people asked the two questions regarding their success or career a) what and b) how they can achieve. For example, how can we achieve a good score in the exam, what should we do before our exam’s time or what stream we should choose? They ask themselves why they want to score good mark. In the today, the biggest problem among people is that there why is not clear. They never asked themselves why they want to be successful or why they want to score good marks.

  1. How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

How to win friends and influence people is written by Dale Carnegie. This book helps everyone to make friends especially for those people who are a shy or introvert person, who have a fear or lack of confidence in themselves to develop their skills. 75% of the success of a person depends on their social skill and communication skills. These books help to increase your people skill which is important in every field.

  1. The power of habit

The power of habit by Charles Duhigg

The power of habits is written by Charles Duhigg. In this book, Charles wants to explain the importance of Habits in everyone’s life and help to develop the habits which will give you positive results at the end. Well, we all know that we cannot control our future but we can control your habits. The person who can control their habit can control their future too. Habit is a powerful weapon for a war of life. One can learn from this book how to make good habits and how to get rid off of bad habits too.

  1. The four agreements

The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The four agreements are written by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book is a life-changing book. The four agreements in this book will make you intelligent. In today world, most of the people take things on a personal basis which spoil personal and professional relations. People get angry easily, they don’t understand other people point of view. This book will help to understand people better.

  1. Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich by Napoleon hills

Think and grow rich is written by Napoleon hills. Here you will get to know about the “Law of success” as well as the success stories of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires. Through this book Napoleon hills share the secret of “Law of success” and how can a person mastered true and lasting success in their life. It is the most popular book in this category. It is a treasure of wisdom and knowledge.

  1. How to stop worrying and start living

How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie

How to stop worrying and start living is written by Dale Carnegie. This book gives to courage and power to fight bad times. It helps to eliminate fifty percent of your business worries immediately as well as reduce financial worries.

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Social Media and Youth and Affected Families

Aditya Bhardwaj




Social media have become prominent parts of life for many young people today. Most people engage with social media without stopping to think what the effects are in their lives, whether positive or negative. We, as a society are becoming more concerned with Facebook “friends” than we are with the people we interact with face-to-face in our daily lives? What will the long-term effects of today’s social media use be?

There are many positive aspects, but there is equal danger that comes with the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, gaming sites, and blogs. In order to make the right choices.

In many cases, it is clear that social media has become not only part of people’s lives but the things their lives revolve around. We see people checking smartphones in every two minutes, looking for the latest tweet or status updates. It’s important yet difficult to retain the attitude that these sites may be useful, but that’s all they are – tools, not lifestyles.

Today’s youth don’t have time for there family members, they trust there friends more than there family members.

Today’s youth is becoming alone and selfish due to heavy use of social media. Today’s kid or we can say teenagers don’t have time for their own life they are much more dependent on life’s of others.

Social media has become an integral part of a teenager’s life. Teens aged between 13 to 18 years old spend 9 hours a day online, and 45 percent of teen users agree that social media is an important part of their lives. These “digital natives” are closely identified with technology and they cannot live without it. Today’s teens are living a hyper-connected life which may lead to online safety issues such as sexting or cyberbullying. These are just some of the risks teenagers are facing while they are online.

Social networking is very bad things for the new generation it affect the life of your youth with the youth may spend more and more time in social networking which have their studies as well as their extracurricular activities

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