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7 Facts about Indian Films and Indian Cinema




India’s First Talkie Film

Alam Ara Varnic

In past times we only watch movies without audio or we can say without any dialogue. March 14, 1931, was a historic day for Indian cinema. Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Movietone released Alam Ara (Light of the Universe), the first full-length Indian talkie film at the Majestic cinema in Bombay. Alam Ara was made under the banner of Imperial Movietone. It was produced and directed by Ardeshir Marwan Irani.

First Color Film Made in India


The colors are essential in our lives and in absence of colors, we are not able to enjoy our life. The trend of color films began very late in India. Kisan Kanya was a 1937 Hindi feature film which was directed by Moti B. Gidvani and produced by Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Pictures. It is largely remembered by the Indian public on account of it being India’s first indigenously made color film. The film had 10 songs, which were released by Gramophone Records

Film with Most Number of Songs

Indra Sabha Varnic

It can be shocking to hear that one movie has the most number of songs that are still a history. Indra Sabha with 71 songs in the film with the most number of songs. The film was made in 1932 by Madan Theatres and the director of the film was J.J. Madan. This movie was based on a play written by Sayed Aga Hasan Amanat. The film had two singers Master Nissar and Jehanara Kajjan, they both sing all the songs.

First Indian to Get an Oscar

Bhanu Athaiya Varnic

Oscar is an award which every actor dream to get one. In Indian cinema, Bhanu Athaiya was the First Indian actress to Get an Oscar. She won the award for the Best Costume Designer for Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi in 1982. Bhanu Athaiya has been associated with the Hindi Film Industry for more than 50 years. She was born as Bhanumati Annasaheb Rajopadhye in Kolhapur in Maharashtra.  Here are some super hit movies in which she contributes her talent like Swades (2004), Lagaan (2001), 1942 A Love Story (1994), Karz (1980) and lots more.

Longest Hindi Film Song

Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon Varnic

A song is something that helps in refreshing our mood whenever we feel low or sad. In our Indian cinema, there is a song which holds the record of longest Hindi film song. The song Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon in the film by the same name is the longest Hindi film song. The length of the song is 20 minutes and the song is featured in three installments in the film. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, and Kailash Kher and is written by Sameer. The music of the song is composed by Anu Malik. The movie Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon is directed by Anil Sharma and this movie belongs to the genre of patriotism and to fight against terrorism

Highest Paid Indian Actor


In Bollywood industry, everybody is working so hard to entertain us but there is a fact that is still hiding that how much an actor charge to do a film. While this fact is still debatable as has been recently said that Akshay Kumar is charging a whopping Rs.20-22 Crore for his next film overtaking India’s highest paid actor Rajnikanth who has been charging Rs.16 Crore per film following the runaway success of ‘SHIVAJI – THE BOSS’. Akshay Kumar also tops off another list at No.1 as Bollywood’s Highest Tax Payer for 2008 – 09

Longest Indian Movie

LOC Kargil Varnic

We love to watch movie because they entertain us but what happen when the movie exceed from 2 hours to 4 hours and we still watch the movie because we get entertain yes we are talking about the longest Indian movie ever made in history that is LOC: Kargil ( 4 hrs 25 min) is the Longest Indian movie made so far. The story is of Indian soldiers fighting in Kargil and being remembered by their family and features a big star cast. Mera Naam Joker at 4 hrs 14 min is a holds the second place on this list.

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