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6 Exercises to improve your Eyesight




Have to ever notice the impact of today’s lifestyle has on your eyesight. Most of the people are suffering from poor eyesight as we are totally depended upon are gadgets. We spend most of our time on working upon laptops and smartphones as well as for are leisure purposes also we use gadgets only.

Exercising your eyes is one of those simple things that very few people do however it can help you maintain excellent vision. Here are few exercises which will help you to improve your eyesight while spending a little bit of your time on daily bases.

6 Exercises to improve your eyesight

  • Blink for a minute

This exercise helps to regulate blood circulation inside your eyes takes your time. Blinking is an excellent way to relax your eyes. It helps to grease your, eyes clean them and give them a break from light. With a lack of frequent leaking your eyes become dry at least to inflammation and poor vision. Keeping opening and closing your eyelids quickly without straining them.

  • Rotate your head while starting ahead

This exercise increases the blood circulation in your eyes you need to turn your head in a circular motion while staring ahead. First slowly turn your head from right to left, then up to down keep looking straight. You can do it thirty or sixty seconds depending on how much free time you have. Eyes are the most complex sensory organs in your body.

  • Look to your right and left

To do it correctly you first need to look to your right. Do it slowly while inhaling as far to the right as you can but without stressing it and slowly move your gaze to the left while exhaling.  Remember that you should perform the exercise very slowly after finishing close your eyes for a few seconds. You can perform this exercise for 30 to 60 seconds make yourself comfortable.

  • Close your eyes and relax

Darkness is leaves to help strengthen the photoreceptor cells in your eyes which in turn can contribute to clear vision. All you need to do is just close your eyes and sit back. Most important is to relax your eyelids completely think about something that you like to do it could be anything like a vacation or other leisure things and stay with your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds.

  • Move your gaze in a different direction

This exercise improves all aspects of your visual perception and is suitable for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. You should move your gaze in different directions first look right-to-left for five seconds. Now look up and then down for another five seconds. After that turn, your eyes in circular motion do it for 10 to 15 seconds then draw a figure of number 8 with for eyes. Do it calmly, take your time there is no need of rushing it.

  • Close and open your eyes

This exercise helps to relax your eye muscles and increase blood circulation in your eyes. Close your eyes tight for 3 to 5 seconds. Now open them slowly and do this exercise again in repeatedly manner. One should do this at least seven times during a day.

Ankita Gupta is a young, dynamic, aspiring Entrepreneur and a writer too. Ankita is a travel enthusiast as she loves exploring new places , people and possibilities as well as new creative ideas and art work.. Motive in Life: To motivate people to achieve their goals and success.

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