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5 Reasons for Choosing Cotton Clothing




Clothing industry is vast where you’ll find variety of textile from silk to santoon, Cotton to Linen, Velvet to lace. Each fabric has its own uniqueness and benefit but when we talk about comfort and friendliness with human skin nothing is better than cotton. Though there are many reason to support cotton clothing but here we have sorted 5 strong reason that explain why cotton clothing is preferable over other fabric.

Here are 5 Reasons for Choosing Cotton Clothing:

  1. Breathing Space

The woven structure of cotton has arrangement that makes breathing space in fabric. It help in absorbing sweat, also keep the body cool in hot and humid weather. Cotton fabrics are soft and soothing in touchwhich make it suitable for hot weather conditions

  1. Versatile Approach

Different style of cloth can be made through cotton such as cotton dresses, cotton kurta, cotton tunic and top from the fabric. Each of these outfit can be worn in different occasion. A cotton dress for women has classic feel that suits to office wear and has comfort that is important for casual wear. Cotton kurta can wear in festive occasion and casual outings. Cotton outfits falls well with body giving nice outlook to any pattern and any silhouette.

  1. Positive impact on mindset

As cotton clothes are comfortable and easy to wear, they keep us relax. Hectic lifestyle and long work hour required relax but smart clothing. Cotton outfit the gap of this requirement making tough schedule but calm and cool. It is suggested to wear cotton night suits as well you get good sleep in the same considering the comfortable quality of cotton fabric. Handmade cotton is one of the most skin friendly fabric never causing any irritation and issue with human body.

  1. Low maintenance and high durability

You can wash cotton at home by using cold water and mild detergent. There is no need to give for dry-clean every time when they are dirty. Due to good absorbance quality handmade cotton cloth don’t get body odour and absorb sweat easily. You can wear cotton cloth twice or thrice before washing.(Till the time outfits are not dirty). Along with they come up with high quality and long durability.  Hand-woven cotton fabric has strength to sustain for long term.

  1. Sustainable Environment

Cotton fabric is made through farm based raw product and other environment friendly process that do not cause any disturbance in Environment.Hand woven cotton fabrics are easily biodegradable making no harmful impact on environment.

Though cotton cloth can be worn in reason as there are variety of cotton we get from thick to fine quality, but it best for tropical countries and hot regions

Bebaak’s some fabulous range of cotton clothes are

  • Mughal print off white dress

Mughal print off white dressThe sophisticated dress with regal mughal print and playful sleeve pattern is perfect for your sunny days. The white cotton dress for women is one the limited outfit from Albeli collection

  • Floral print ocean green gathered dress

Floral print ocean green gathered dressGo confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life, you have imagined and wear the outfit you love! On this node featuring the classy ocean green cotton dress from Albeli collection reflection the aura of the same quote. A dress for women that look perfect in season and in all occasion.

  • Mughal Print off white stand collar kurti

Mughal Print off white stand collar kurtiSelf-confidence is best outfit, own it. And allow this mugal print off white kurti to enhance you confident aura! This cotton kurta for women fall beautifully with body. A perfect outfit for different occasion.

  • Geometrical pistachio gathered tunic

Geometrical pistachio gathered tunicConfidence is beautiful and let this sophisticated pastel tunic enhance that inner beauty. This cotton tunic is perfect for formal meeting and post work outing with friends.

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