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13 Life changing habits that will make you a better person in LIFE !



life changing habits

Most of the time we all think that things are not going on track. We are not reaching success. The truth is habits can make use but they have the power to break us too. No matter how much skills and talented person you are in the room or at the workspace. That’s really doesn’t matter! Your habits have the power to can bring you down from the top.

15 most powerful habits that can make you a better person in life

  1. Eat well don’t skip a meal

Due to our tight office hours what mostly we do is to skip our meal.  We skip our morning breakfast. This is a huge mistake we do. The breakfast plays a vital role in our life. It is the main source of energy for our body so we get to work for hours in morning time without eating.

  1. Work for healthy body and mind

Doing work out, exercise or yoga is a good thing to keep your body and mind healthy. It increases your productivity, creativity and clears your thought process.

  1. Write a Gratitude Journal

Maintain a gratitude journal. If you haven’t had a journal like this, then it is a high time for you to make one. Trust me this helps a lot. Use the “Law of Gratitude” write down the things you are grateful for.

  1. Respect yourself and others

We all need to respect ourselves and other. Not all people are alike. There are human differences and their preferences. If someone’s opinion is not as same as ours accept and listen to other opinions too. Respect other people


  1. Adopt learning attitude

Bring a little change in your habits develops the learning attitude in yourself. Instead of ‘I know everything’ create a curiosity to know more. If possible, ask questions to know more.

  1. Become an Activationist person

Become an ‘Activationist’ person. Instead of thinking start working upon things you want in your life.

  1. Just stop complaining

For once just stop complaining about your current situation. Try to listen to your heart. You can’t have only bad days in life. Your current situation will not be going to decide your future.

  1. Start where you are

Instead of waiting for the right time to come into your life. Start from where you are right now. Remember, you can work will learn too.

  1. Make a vision board

Create your vision board. Put the things to want to do or want to have in your life and paste is somewhere you can see it daily. It will motivate you to work to it as well as gives you a clear direction towards your happy life.

     10. Write down your goals

Goals are the step to bring your dream life into reality. Write down your goals, divide them and work upon them.

  1. Reviews things daily

 Make it a habit of reviewing things or task on daily basis.

  1. Accept the changes in your life

Be open to changes in your life. It brings a broad way of things into your life.

  1. Bring your creative side outside

Try to find your creative side, it is somewhere inside you. You just need to figure it out.

Ankita Gupta is a young, dynamic, aspiring Entrepreneur and a writer too. Ankita is a travel enthusiast as she loves exploring new places , people and possibilities as well as new creative ideas and art work.. Motive in Life: To motivate people to achieve their goals and success.

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